Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 28 Why You Stressing ?

What stresses you out ?
I don't like conflict. I don't like disagreements.Or better yet, I don't like it when folks have to let it be known that there is some sort of conflict. I like for people to get along. I am the peacemaker. I try to squash beef. I try to take the high road if I can. Don't get it twisted, I will state my opinion if need be. In fact I am pretty opinionated. I just respect other's rights to have an opinion as well & don't have a real issue when we don't agree. I respect other's rights to be themselves. I just don't think that every situation requires energy, especially negative energy. This type of ish totally stresses me out.

I remember having a party at my house where a group my friends who don't like one of my other good friends (personality conflict in my opinion). I was actually brought to tears by the situation that arose because of a comment that was made by my friend that the several friends didn't like (they already don't care for her). I hate the fact that I have to plan events worried that there will be an issue. At my next event, I had to make a choice of who to leave off the guest list. I hated that. I don't get it. After some time had passed though, I tried again. At my last event (our engagement party) all parties were present with no issue. It was cool, not even cordial ( they totally ignored her) which was fine by me. I can just do without the comments and the snark. LOL

What stresses you out ?

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ?

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