Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Woman Under Construction

I know its been a minute since my last post & my how things have changed ! I had hoped to post a least twice a month when I first started last year. However, life once again kicked me in the A%@ & I needed some time to recover, adjust, adapt & overcome.In summary, I am really, finally, even if reluctantly, beginning to see more clearly the direction of my life is most definitely AWAY from the ghosts of the past. I can be honest and admit that I am both excited and anxious, but know that I will prevail. The transition has been a long process but I continue to grow, and learn, and understand more and more about myself & have developed a better appreciation for all that is me, flaws and all. All those cliche's & wise sayings my Grandma Van used to impart upon me begin to have more meaning once you get some real life behind you. I am the HNIC on this building site and I get to determine what gets built, how its built & most importantly what its made of. I am a Woman Under Construction and this project is coming right along nicely.