Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 26 Dream Wedding

How timely is this ?  I am actually planning it right now, though since I definitely have a budget, I don't know if our New Orleans wedding will technically qualify.  Of course if money was no object, this would be a whole lot easier LOL

My dream wedding would have unlimited flowers, every where, so fragrant you would think you were inside a flower shop.

My dream wedding would have our favorite artists providing the wedding sound track at the ceremony and reception to include..... Lalah Hathaway, Kem, Jill Scott and  Will Downing.

My dream wedding would have plenty of  food prepared by world renowned chefs and offer several different types of cuisine so that nobody would leave dissatisfied.

My dream wedding would be at some sort of private tropical resort with perfect weather that has been overtaken by ALL of our family and friends for at least 4 days of pre-nuptial and post- nuptial events in which everything was provided for all of our guests. I'm talking spa treatments, golf games, dancing, drinking, water activities, cookouts, brunches, cigar smoking, spades tournaments, dominoes,  wine tasting, all of the things we enjoy. From all things hood to Bougie at its best ! LOL

My dream wedding would involve no more than 150 guests so that we would have the opportunity over the 4 days to spend some quality time with everyone.

My dream wedding would feel like an all inclusive vacation for all of our guests and a bonding opportunity for our family and friends.

My dream wedding would culminate with a 3 week Honeymoon in which we would travel to at least 3 different continents and come home totally refreshed and renewed and ready to be married and do the work to stay married !

I know it sounds over the top but I guess a girl can always dream.......

What are some elements of your dream wedding ?

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ?


Tarsha! said...

I love your dream wedding details! That sounds like that would be sooooo much fun!

InnerDiva said...

My dream wedding would have been a small celebration. I actually had a whole folder of things on my computer, lol. It would have been orange, brown, and cream; held at a bed and breakfast in Brooklyn; involved all of our friends and family; and would have been a mix between soca and neo soul.

Hope your wedding is all that you dream of!

Beautifully Complex said...

Thank yoy
That sounds so eclectic & fun !