Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 5 A Song that Inspires Me

You know how you have that CD, album, cassette, eight track or whatever you want to call it,  that got you through something really,  really challenging or life altering ?   Well for me that CD is called  Somethin' Bout Love by the one and only Fred Hammond formerly of the gospel group Commissioned.

Every single song on this CD helped me to not give up and I truly can't even listen to it without having an all.out.praise.and.worship session & shedding tears of joy ! It has the perfect mix of gospel ballads and up tempo praise and worship songs to make you simply grateful for his mercy and grace. It is hard for me to pick one song from this awesome CD so I must pick two. Not Just What You Say reflects my growth as a Christian and as a friend born out of my own personal pain. The music is great but the words......

Not just what you say ....Not just what you say
Then we can act like we know what love is....
When you say how are you doing ?
Do you really wanna know and are you concerned, yeah ?
And if you had the solution, but it took some of your time, 
Or some cash or whatever,are you willing ?
Not just what you say ( its mostly what you do)
Not a game that you play (to keep the winning hand with you)
Not just wasting time ( with empty words that don't mean much)
Not just how you feel ( when others need your tender touch)
So can you take out some time ( to help somebody else in need)
And when this is done ( the love of God is truly seen)
Then above all ( we need to cover and forgive)
Then we can act like we know what love is
Love is compassion that makes you reach way down and help your fellow man
So if there's a need and you can be the one, go and help someone
Love is all, all in all, forgiving faults great and small,
patient and willing to cover me, cover you
Love is kind, don't you know, and will not seek its own
God is love forever more, act like you know go and handle yours

Another Song that really touches me is What Can I Give. It just reminds you of the enormity of his Grace and Mercy through life's trials check the words........

I've questioned but I, still don't know the reason why,
when trouble shook my ground You stayed around
So faithful Your love has been to me,
and Lord I'll always love You for the rest of my days....
What can I give in exchange, for the love You've  shown me every day ?
My very life just don't seem like enough, 
but I'd rather give to you and throw in all my love
I'm so grateful that Your love is available,
it hears me when I call and lifts me when I'm low
Lord no other love, is worthy to receive such praise, 
so I give You all of my life and love You for the rest of my days
I'll waste no more time, cause there is no more doubt in my mind,
for Your love means the world to me (Can't live without it,  no Lord) 
There's no way, that I'd go another day, without giving You all of me
(Can't live without it) For all Your love

Some of my other faves on this CD are How Do You Love That Way, That's Why, and Find A Way to Love You More. 

Hope you enjoy this praise break ! LOL

What Song Inspires You ?    Who are some of your favorite Gospel Artists ?

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ?

Beautifully Complex 

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