Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 16 Body Image

Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it. 

Aaah Body image. Like they say over on FB.....its complicated. Currently I am about 30 pounds past fine & about 50 pounds past stopping trains ! LOL. We won't discuss specifics here, but I am pretty tall, 5 '10" and subsequently, I can carry weight. Especially in my thighs and my rear end. I want to lose some, but my actions as of late, don't support it. Like many others, I am an emotional eater. I had big plans to get on board after the first of the year but alas my mom getting sick, put me in a slight funk that led me to find comfort in food. For the last year I have also been trying to manage the uncertainty regarding my job situation which should be settled soon (hopefully). I simply have not been managing my stress the best way. That being said, there are no excuses here, just the facts. I should be doing things differently. I could definitely do better and I am not at my best because I am not putting in the effort through proper diet and exercise. It's no secret. There is not a magic pill. I am a former runner, so I truly know what it takes to lose and maintain my weight. I simply have not been doing it. Therefore complaining is a mute point.  I am obviously not that uncomfortable with it or I would do something different right ? RIGHT. Well the truth is I am not content at this weight. It definitely affects me. My love has also added some lbs. since we have been together & this may be a good thing, because we both want to get some weight off prior to the wedding. Having an accountability partner will help. We both definitely want to look our best for the wedding and in the pictures that last forever LOL.  I would not describe myself as comfortable with my body simply because I think of  losing weight often. But I will admit that I have let other things take priority over me taking care of myself and I should not do that. In the long run for health reasons, it won't be pretty. My last physical which was just a few months ago was great. I am the picture of health. My doctor told me that all my numbers were fine. Good health is a blessing, but it can be taken from you if you don't treasure your body. I really do need to start acting like I know that.

Here are some pics from back when my opinion about by body was through the roof ! LOL

Those were the days ! 

Getting ready for the Essence Festival.

When I was running like a beast - 13.1 miles later

Just completed a Half Marathon about an hour before this picture was taken.


One of my favorite pictures of myself, I was so happy!

At my best friends Birthday Party.

How comfortable are you with your body ?  Anything you want to change ? Why ?

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ?

Beautifully Complex 

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