Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 29 My Hero

hero: a man (or woman) admired for his achievements and noble qualities 

My younger sister is most definitely my hero. We are only 14 months apart. She would probably tell you that growing up she felt like she lived in my shadow. However today, she most definitely has grown into such a wonderful woman that I truly admire. I know many professional women with a lot on their plates, but my sister has a sincere kindness and humility like no one that I know. She is the mother of 3 very smart, talented, well mannered children who all excel academically, athletically and are active in their church and community. My sister is a wife of 17 years to my BIL. She is the First Lady of their church and plays an active role in the Sunday School administration and supports him in so many ways. Be it hospital visits, funerals or marital counseling, she is his full on partner in their ministry. We spent last Christmas with them at their church and I got to see first hand how the whole family works together in their church each Sunday, I was so proud. I know I mentioned on the blog last year that my sister completed her Doctorate Degree in addition to her Bachelor's and Masters Degrees. The remarkable thing about it was that she did it with a perfect GPA of 4.0 in all of her coursework. Though it took her some time to complete her Dissertation, she did this while raising 3 kids all under the age of ten ! Professionally she is a Vice President of a College which is an incredibly demanding position and she still makes time to sit on several Boards in the community  including Jack and Jill of America in which she worked for a few years before she got my nieces and nephews involved in the organization currently. She is not as active in our sorority (AKA) as she used to be, but I really don't see how she has time for anything else including sleeping & eating LOL. I don't know how many hours she has in HER day, but just putting this blog post together is making me tired, LOL. The most noble qualities of my little sister are her giving, helpful spirit, her friendly nature, her compassion and her sense of humor. She is not one to tout her achievements and I have many friends who she knows pretty well who would never know anything of her accomplishments because of her humble nature. She is just not one to talk too much about herself or her accomplishments. I consider that MY job as her proud big sister and just wanted to take this opportunity to say how she is truly a remarkable woman. We have so much unspoken history between us, so many shared experiences that no one else could understand, she supports me like no other.  I know all of the challenges we both have faced and I am incredibly proud that she is my sister, my hero.

My sissy and her hubby :)

Who is your hero and why ?

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ?

Beautifully Complex


gradydoctor said...

My younger sister is totally one of my heroes. She is the kindest, most easygoing person I know. She has never had an enemy and is so good at maintaining relationships that I call her "the friend hoarder." I love that you honored your sister here. She sounds amazing and is beautiful just like you.

xo, KM

Beautifully Complex said...

Thanks you so much & the thanks for stopping by my blog to comment. As you know having a sister that you are close to is a blessing like no other.