Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 21 Pride

Something you are proud of.

I am proud of the woman I have become. I am a wonderful daughter. I am an asset to my parents as opposed to a liability. I am proud of the sister I am. We are very close and share a lot. I fully support her and my BIL. I am proud of the Aunt that I am. I'm committed to helping them grow and learn. I so appreciate the blessing that my sisters children are in my life. I am proud of the friend that I am. My closest friends know that I am loyal and supportive no matter what. I step up when needed without hesitation.  I am proud of the partner that I have become. I have learned some real lessons from my past relationships and try to apply as much as I can to my current one. My heart is open and trusting, despite the things that I have experienced. I am proud of the journey that my life has been. I am proud to be His child.

What are you proud of ?

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ?

Beautifully Complex 


Tarsha! said...

Yes you are pretty awesome!! Very happy to know you. You have a beautiful spirit!

Beautifully Complex said...

Awww thanks for your kind words. I am happy to know you as well. You have a wonderful and giving spirit :)