Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cooking with Beautifully Complex : Twisted Banana Pudding

I got this recipe from a girlfriend about 7-8 years ago. It's called Twisted Banana Pudding because it has a little different twist to it and all of the ingredients are fat free. I doubled the recipe when I made it for Mother's Day (in the pics) which is why it looks so big, but I am going to post the standard size recipe.


8 oz. fat free cream cheese (softened)

8 oz. fat free cool whip ( or larger depending on size of dish )

1 can fat free Eagle brand condensed milk

1 box fat free instant vanilla pudding

1 box fat free instant banana cream pudding

1 box vanilla wafers  (I like the bite size mini wafers)

6 bananas

4 cups 2% low fat milk  (to mix the puddings with) 

Mix the puddings per the directions on the box add 1/2 of the cool whip, the condensed milk and the cream cheese, mix together with mixer or heavy spoon.

Lay wafers in the bottom of the dish

Pour the pudding mixture on top of the wafers, top with sliced bananas.

Top with the remaining cool whip add wafers around the edge. Chill in the refrigerator for several hours before serving.

* Optional sprinkle top with a few chopped nuts & a little cinnamon.

Viola ! A twist on an Ol' School Favorite.

I rarely tell anyone that this recipe has cream cheese in it or that all of the sweet ingredients are fat free. I let the pudding speak for itself.

Hope you enjoy it.

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ?

Beautifully Complex 

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