Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 2 Nicknames

My government name starts with a J. Same as my middle initial. I am actually  named after my mothers two best friends who were twin sisters. Both my first and middle names are a variation of each of their names. As a kid my first name seemed kind of "mature" for me. It's the type of name you have to grow into. LOL. When I was a little kid they started calling me " J.J." for short. This was cute & I had no problem with it until the TV show Good Times became popular and the name  J.J. was associated with a not so attractive MALE comedian.  So I  then insisted that everyone just call me J. Later on by the time I got to  middle school I started spelling it out phonetically  as " Jaye"  (with an E on the end so you would know it was a girl's name) LOL. To this day this is what my parents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc. call me.  My nieces and nephews even call me Aunt Jaye.

If I meet you socially I will introduce myself as Jaye. However, if it's a professional or work related setting I will give my government name. I actually like my government name & I have definitely grown into it. It's just that I am most comfortable with my nickname. When people who don't routinely use that name for me call me by it,  it sounds odd coming from them. I know that might seem strange. When me and Mr. Mixologist first started dating and  we would run into people I knew, he could determine the nature of my relationship with the person by what name they called me.

The only exception to this is my closest friends family. She & I initially met at work so she called me by my government name for the longest time, so when I first met her family they used my government name too. Now she always calls me by my nickname from being around my family & close friends for years but her family still calls me by my government name even though we are quite close.

We were talking about the wedding vows not long ago & I asked Mr. Mixologist what name he intended to use when reciting our vows & he stated my government name. This is so funny to me because he does not ever call me by that name unless he is referring about me to other people, like when talking to my co-workers,etc. So honestly, it will sound strange for him to use that name.

Now I don't know if I blogged about this before but my love's nickname for me is "Running Deer". What started out as a joke has become his term of endearment for me LOL. The back story is: I ran track in high school & when I first met Mr. Mixologist, I was still running some road races. Also I hail from a state with a very large population of Native Americans and yes I do have some Indian in my family LOL, so this is how/why he chose that nickname.  However, the reason he started calling me this name stems from a joke he played on his family a couple of years ago when we first met.  Historically Mr. Mixologist has dated the rainbow coalition especially when he was in the Military. Anyway, for the eleven months we dated before I met his family, he purposely allowed them to think that I was NOT black. LOL. Once we became exclusive his mom & sister had lots of questions and were very curious about me. One day when we were in the car headed to see my family he was talking to his sister & told her where we were headed. I could tell she was asking questions & so he finally said, "What do you think? "  he just kept saying "What do you think ?". Long story short, his sister was trying to discreetly determine what race I was. Finally he said, well her family calls her "Running Deer" that's her tribal name. LMAO !   I know this sounds crazy but you would really have to know how crazy & what a funny guy he is to appreciate it. Long story short, his sister told his mom I was Native American & when his mom asked him some days later, he never corrected her & continued to let them think that I was a Native American Indian until the day we showed up at their house for Christmas ! LOL The look on their faces was priceless.

Do you have any Nicknames ?

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ?

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