Friday, June 24, 2011

Just Me.............Randomly

My sister, BIL, nieces and nephew came  for a week long visit a few weeks back & we had so much fun !  We got to just hang out, cook out, sleep late, watch movies, relax at the pool and just enjoy one another. My Beau took my BIL to a couple of his Cigar spots and now he is hooked ! My sister was not amused. LOL. One day we all went to Kemah Boardwalk & took the kids to the Amusement Park. Of course we made day trip to Galveston Beach which the kids loved.  Mr. Mixologist was cheffin' it up while they were here. He grilled some nice steaks and also managed to get every body hooked on his grits !  LOL

Last weekend we took a road trip home for Father's Day. We had a Fish Fry at my cousin's home for all the Father's in the family. The women (my generation) did all the cooking, the men thoroughly enjoyed it. My sister gave a nice little speech before the prayer about black fathers and acknowledged the positive examples in our family. What a blessing. It was fun, but a lot of work, I was on my feet for a long time that day, but it was worth it. I need to sit down this weekend for sure.

On the flip side, my close friend's daughter had a meltdown on Father's Day. We were not surprised, but it was still very upsetting.  In response to that, she took her to see a counselor today. I think that was a great move. Daddy issues are so real.  Sometimes kids are afraid to burden their parents with their troubles. I truly believe this will help her.

My sister and I are planning an event for our parents Anniversary in August. Planning events is a lot of work. One thing I am not looking forward to is the RSVP nightmare that is sure to ensue. I wish people understood how critical it is to know how many people you are going to feed, especially when you are trying to do something nice.

I am super excited that Mr. Mixologist & I  are heading to NOLA next week for the Essence Festival ! This will actually be my 13th Festival, but the first time with my Beau. I try not to miss it.  He has been before several years ago, but he is not the " Essence Veteran"  that I am. LOL There are so many things, I am excited for us to experience together in one of my most favorite cities.  I have got to get my rest this weekend, so I can go hard in the paint next weekend !

Last week, I finished reading a new book by one of my favorite Bloggers, A Belle In Brooklyn. I thought it was a pretty good read. She is a go getter & I respect her grind.  I relate to her mindset a lot, she has some really good advice for young women. Much of it is common sense, but as we know, that isn't always common ! LOL   I am looking forward to seeing her at Essence too, because I missed her panel discussion  last year. I am waiting on my RSVP for " Cocktails with Belle" , so hopefully I can get my book signed and hopefully a photo.

I was so excited to wake up to the Thunderstorms yesterday. I was running around doing a rain dance LOL ! Right about now, my lawn looks a hot mess ! This drought  has been crazy in Texas. I hope it is over. On Sunday we actually got stuck on I-45 trying to get back to Houston due to several wildfires that were burning in the area. We could smell the smoke & see the smoke clouds in the area very near to us. They actually SHUT DOWN THE INTERSTATE !  We made  a detour that added 1  1/2 hours  to our trip but we made it safely, gracefully.

What's going on random with you ?

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ?

Beautifully Complex

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pretty Girls Rock

My best friend's daughter celebrated her 9th Birthday this past weekend in style. You just have to know Maya, to understand that she is a little princess in every way. A real girly girl, who knows how to have fun.
The theme was "Pretty Girls Rock". We had the "Pre-Party" at the house, with all the Justin Beiber you could stand believe me. There were 17 girls total and we had an hour to let them eat, sing, dance and use the restroom to be ready for the Limo that arrived at 2:00PM to take them downtown ! Her mom got a great deal on a 3 hour ride  from the owner of a Limousine company she met not too long ago.

We rolled out the "red carpet" for them which consisted of some red tablecloths, we got at the dollar store ! LOL I was the Paparazzi, taking all of the pictures for the "Event". We rode downtown to Hermann Park so they could have a photo shoot near the water. We were supposed to ride the train, but we couldn't get 19 seats on one ride, and we were under time constraint. We let them get their feet we in the waterfront, got them some ice cream, took pictures and then headed to the Dessert Gallery for the "Finale" where we had some awesome cupcakes, sang Happy Birthday to Maya & let her open her gifts. Her Dad met us there, which was a pleasant surprise for her. We took more photos and then hopped in the limo back to her house.

These kids today sure know how to dream big, I must say LOL I am glad she was able to have the party that she wanted and her friends really liked it too.  Moe, our Limo driver really enjoyed the girls, and was amazed at how well behaved they were !  Everything turned out nice and Maya was so excited. I made her a little slide show of her pictures and sent it to her Mom's Face book, so that she can share the memories of her "Pretty Girl Rock Party" with all her relatives and friends.

Take a look !