Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blog Challenge - Day 1 Intro, Photo & Facts

Hi Blog land, my name is Beautifully Complex,

I have been blogging for about 4 years. Really wish I was more consistent with it, because I truly do enjoy it, but life continues to get in my way LOL !

Me and my intended at a party recently ! 

15 Fun and Interesting Facts about Me :

  1. I am the person who will always offer to take your picture if I see you and your friends or your man taking pictures at a restaurant, club, party, etc. I appreciate having that "perfect" group shot. I have been known to take pictures with my own camera and email it later to perfect strangers. LOL !
  2. For the first time since I was in my 20's I am seriously considering not becoming a parent and I am more surprised by this than I could have ever imagined. I spent thousands of dollars trying to conceive in my first marriage. I never really believed I could find peace with this. God is funny sometimes :)
  3. I have found a few cigars that I really enjoy. I never thought I could date someone who smokes anything, let alone marry them. But here I sit engaged to my own personal Aficionado. Who knew ?
  4. My heart breaks anytime someone in my circle has problems in their marriage or relationship. I think I must have PTSD ! LOL  I mean I lose sleep, have nightmares, anxiety, and slight depression. I think it makes me feel vulnerable & I get flashbacks about my past. I put on a brave front for the benefit of the other person but I get totally stressed. I just want people to be happy in love. Jesus be a fence 
  5. I have a Whippoorwill Bird in my backyard that I hated when I first moved here years ago, but now the sound is so comforting and reminds me of my home, my sanctuary. 
  6. I am addicted to physical stimulation. I love to have my feet rubbed, my back rubbed, my hair washed, my hand held, my back scratched. You name it, I love it & can't get enough of it.  When I am being touched it is so comforting. My favorite Aunt is the same way. If we are sitting on the couch together, she is stroking my hair and I am stroking her arm, LOL. Strange maybe  but it's the way we are. 
  7. I wish I wasn't afraid of dogs....but I am. My future MIL just lost a dog she had for 14 years and she was INCONSOLABLE. I thought we were going to have to make a 15 hour road trip ! However, when I stayed at their home for a week, that dog did not scare me at all. I wish I had seen Pepper before she passed. She was a wonderful dog. 
  8. I sleep totally naked since my mid twenties. I think it stems from all those Lupron Injections that caused ridiculous hot flashes especially while sleeping. Now it's frustrating when I have to sleep in places that are not private or when my nieces and nephews come.LOL I sometimes think, this might be an issue, if I am ever in a fire & have to run quickly, LOL. TMI maybe but I am running out of "interesting facts".
  9. I am the most non picky eater that I know. Some might call it greedy, but there is just not a lot that I don't like to eat. I enjoy great food, don't get me wrong, but I am just not one to be particular about what I eat. 
  10. These blog challenges seem easy on the surface but when you get down to it, it is sometimes difficult to answer all these questions completely, so I am going to stop at ten. LOL 

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ?

Beautifully Complex 


Tazzee said...

LOL, that's why I can't do these. I've been blogging for almost 8 years. There's not much I haven't already posted.

Beautifully Complex said...

At least to blog pretty consistently. If I did, I wouldn't be tempted to attempt these challenges. But I really am going to try to see this one through LOL.