Monday, August 12, 2013

Love Renewed

Last weekend we traveled for the wedding of one of my Sorors. It was actually a 10 Year Vow Renewal. However, it was a full out extravaganza. They had 200 people in attendance !  This is a much loved couple. It was a beautiful ceremony. It was held at a museum, they had the cocktail hour BEFORE the ceremony, and the music was great.  The personal vows really did me in since this couple had real life to reflect on, they were just that much more meaningful. 

Lovely expression

The food, was good, but the cake was phenomenal & very creative.  I managed to eat just a little bit in moderation, since I have a wedding dress to get into very soon, LOL.

The Groom is a Golfer !

It was pretty and tasty !

It was great for Mr. Mixologist to get to meet some friends he has only heard about & it was like a family reunion of sorts. My line sisters,  college friends and old co-workers were all there.

Line Sisters  !

The Blushing in Blue Bride !

My intended :)

It was such a beautiful wedding & nice pre-lude to our big day which is fast approaching ( T-minus 67 days !)

How was your weekend ?

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ?

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