Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thankful: Day 6 Blog Friends

I knew the weekends were going to throw me off with my posting, but I have committed to making sure I get my 30 Thankful posts in this month. Late last night I managed to drop my blackberry in some water, while leaving a birthday party. The good news is that after a couple of hours of drying out, all of my information was intact and it still works. The bad news is that all of the pics I took at the blog gathering disappeared. I am sure their will be some pictures on Three Food Words soon, so you can check over there so you can appreciate all the goodness. 

First let me say that the Internet is a marvelous place, despite all the negativity that can exist online. I have been truly blessed to have been able to meet, connect and become friends with some wonderful people through blogs, twitter, and even FB.  I have been reading and blogging for about 3 years. So before FB or twitter was all the rage the last couple of years, I discovered blogs and how many talented writers there really are in the world. It is amazing how you can get to know people so well, or feel like you do, just by reading their words on a computer. It's so cool to read about peoples lives and come to know that you would be good friends just by how they present themselves online and it is great to meet them in person and have it confirmed.

I went to my very first Blogger meet up about a year and a half ago. I posted about it here. This was my first encounter meeting in person Serenity, Tiffany in Houston, and Icey. Since then we have continued to hang out IRL and I have come to know some of their friends and made connections with other people like Blaqueberrybabe, Rhapsody Diva,  CBean, and Nicintx. Last night I met WiseDiva for the first time. She is cool peeps, and a very sharp young lady.  Since becoming friends with all of these ladies I have attended a baby shower,  a wedding, a birthday party and just random meet ups for drinks and conversation. It is awesome to be able to meet and connect with real people and enjoy their company. None of my other friends are really into blogs or even twitter. Like most people, the majority of my FB friends are people that I met from school, work or are family members. Blogging is a different type of community and I am glad to be a part of it.

I must say that  Ms.Icey can "burn a pot" as Mr. Mixologist would say ! After arriving at her lovely home,  I had a drink in my hand within 5 minutes ! LOL Now that is my kind of place :) I love being around people who know how to make you feel welcome and comfortable in their home and she did just that. I met some of her family members before the other bloggers showed up and they were wonderful people. The appetizers were deelish ! We had hummus and pita chips, these little skewers with feta cheese, cucumbers, and tomatoes, and this crostini with some kind of grilled chicken, with caramelized onions and some type of aoli-like sauce  to put on top that was amazing ! She had some fresh cut apple with this cream cheese brown sugar type dip that was sooo good.  Man I wish I still had the pictures still so I could look at them again, but I am sure she will get it up on her blog soon. For dinner we had roasted chicken that was so moist, some potatoes, sauteed spinach and some carrots that were glazed with crack I swear ! LOL  Unfortunately, I had to leave early for another event, so she sent me on my way with a bag of brownies for the road. I am sure by now, you know they were heavenly ! 

So today I am thankful for the Internet leading me to my blog friends ! 

I am thankful for good food, great friends, and fun times ! 

What are you thankful for ?

Beautifully Complex 


Don said...

I completely agree that it's a wonder how one can connect with the spirit of another via the internet, and upon meeting, it actually feels like you've known this person all your life.

Before I began blogging, I would have never imagined such a thing to become remotely possible. But it is, it most definitely is.

As always, I am thankful for Life, Love, Courage, Wisdom & the inner being that often reminds me of things I often forget.

Beautifully Complex said...

@ Don, I understand how unbelievable it can be for some, when I tell my Aunt's about my blog friends & the fact we met online first, they just can really comprehend, but I give them a pass,it's just not their experience. The internet is still not a big part of their life.

Black Diaspora said...

"What are you thankful for?"

I'm thankful that I'm thankful.

Beautifully Complex said...

@Black Diaspora,
Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

Don said...

@beautifully complex: Agreed.

Tarsha R said...

Thank you a million times over for taking the time out of your busy schedule to stop by! I truly enjoyed hanging out with you! Just an all around awesome lady.

We MUST do it again sooner rather than later!

Beautifully Complex said...

@ Tarsha, We most definitely will ! Count on it :)