Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thankful: Day 19 Quick Hot Beverage

I recently discovered the joy of the Keurig.  Quick, instant, hot beverages be it gourmet coffee, tea, or various types of cocoa. Created in your home, fresh, piping hot in a less than a minute. They have sooooo many different types of cups that you can easily order online. I got my Keurig Special Edition Brewer from Mr. Mixologist and I am hooked on it now. I even found a little holder at Bed Bath and Beyond for the counter top that you can use to store the different types of cups. It looks like a little tree of cups. It is sleek and matches the chrome finishes on the Keurig. I think I might use my 20% off coupon and order it quick !

This morning, after sleeping in late and having a nice brunch, I started my day with some nice hot cocoa.  A perfect start to a cool, slightly overcast day.

Today I am  so thankful for my Keurig which is the business ! 

What are you thankful for ?

Comments ? Questions ? Thoughts ?

Beautifully Complex


Tarsha R said...

Man Ive been wanting one of these for the LONGEST...sadly I am too cheap...I may change that during my birthday season!

Beautifully Complex said...

I am completely spoiled by it now :)