Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful : Day 16 Travelling Grace

You how when you get on the road for a trip, usually for a long distance ride, you pray specifically for "Traveling Grace" or other people will tell you that they will pray for your "Traveling Mercy" ? Well it occurred to me today how I usually only really consciously think about it and pray for it specifically, when the trip involves considerable miles. Like when I am traveling to see my family or taking a vacation.

A few days ago, a friend of a friend was involved in a major car accident on a routine trip. I know the young lady, from meeting her and her children at group functions, parties, etc., but we aren't really friends more like acquaintances.  In the accident, she was taking her kids to school and they were broadsided by very large truck,  she was driving her very small Honda. The point of impact was on her side of the vehicle. All three of them were transported by ambulance, but she was the most severely injured was admitted and is still in ICU. The kids were treated for minor issues and released. She on the other hand has had 2 major surgeries for some internal injuries and suffered a broken leg, a broken arm and I just found out today will definitely be unable to work for several months. 

It's funny how people are in car accidents we drive by, rubber necking, moving safely on to our destination.  But somehow when it hits close to home it matters so much more. When I see the remnants of an accident, or actually witness one, I always say a prayer thanking him for his protection. Today after speaking with our mutual friend about her status, I thought about how many miles I drive for work every week, how much time I actually spend behind the wheel of a car and just how dangerous it is and I said a conscious prayer and will continue to do so every day as I am clicking my seat belt. 

So today I am thankful for traveling grace and making it safely from point A to B to C and beyond. 

What are you thankful for ?

Comments ? Thoughts ? Questions ?

Beautifully Complex


Tarsha R said...

This is so funny because I just started praying over our daily travels a few weeks ago.

Beautifully Complex said...

I am definitely being more prayerful lately.