Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thankful : Day 20 Online Recipes

This morning I took out some chicken breasts but didn't really have any plans for them beyond just putting them on the grill. While scanning my google reader, I remembered  a recipe that caught my attention this week over at THREE FOOD WORDS so I checked the cupboards and decided to give it a try. I love the Internet and the information available at your fingertips.

I made a few modifications but pretty much stuck to the directions. I sauteed onions, mushrooms, and used fresh spinach instead of frozen. I mixed mozzarella and cheddar cheese since I didn't have enough of either separately and I must say it was quite tasty.  It took a little more time than I expected and it was tricky turning over the breasts while searing with the toothpicks holding them together. I think the next time I pound out the breasts, I will cut them into smaller pieces before stuffing and rolling them up.  Because mine did not come out too pretty, but they were very tasty.

I served it with baked sweet potatoes and sauteed some cabbage and onion and it was deelish.

So today I am thankful for finding another great online recipe to put into the rotation !

What are you thankful for ?

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ?

Beautifully Complex


Tarsha R said...

I am straight blushing over here! It always makes me feel good when yall try stuff I post, whether you end up liking it or not...thank you sooo much!

I am thankful for rest! I feel like a million trillion bucks when I get proper rest!

Beautifully Complex said...

I eat so much chicken, I am always excited to find another way to prepare it. Keep those recipes coming :)