Friday, November 26, 2010

Thankful: Day 26 Road Trips

By the time we get back to Houston Sunday night me and Mr. Mixologist will have logged a total of 26 hours in a car together. In fact, I am writing this blog from the comfort of the passenger seat listening to satellite radio. I know some people dread long distances in a car, but I really enjoy it sometimes, especially with the right road dawg ! LOL

When you live far from your family sometimes situations require you to have the ability to jump in a car and show up. Especially when the cost of a last minute flight could feed a small village ! The downside is the time it takes to get there, but I like flexibility of being able to take breaks or stop for gas according to my plan. I have been getting the opportunity to do more riding and less driving this time which is great. As long as I have some good snacks and plenty to read I am good.

Road trips also provide a lot of good bonding time. I can say for sure that me and my boyfriend have had some our most insightful conversations while on trips in the car. I guess there is something about the confinement and lack of distractions. We have been talking about everything, past situations, funny stories, reminiscing, dreams, goals, you name it. Listening to talk radio and debating on politics, listening to entire CD's and discussing the production flaws, our opinions about why it went platinum or didn't LOL.

It's dark now and we are still about 5 hours from where we need to be so we are going to grab some dinner and then hit the road and get it done.

Today I am thankful for a safe fun road trip and GPS too !

What are you thankful for ?

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ?

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