Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful : Day 9 A Handy Man

One of the woes of home ownership is the unlimited number of things that can spring up on any given day that can cause you to have to reach in your pocket.  There is always something to maintain, something that can break down, something that needs to be fixed. I have actually learned how to do a lot of things just out of pure necessity & I think that women should always be capable of helping themselves, but there is nothing wrong with a little help every now and then. Last night I discovered a leak in the guest bath. Since I don't use it very often, I failed to notice the problem before it had caused water damage to the bottom of the cabinet underneath the sink.

For the record, my ex-husband was NOT a handy man by any stretch of the imagination. He couldn't even Bar-b-cue ! LOL. I think it is for that reason that I immediately start to think of what kind of professional I am going to have to pay to come to my aid when the homeowner dramas start. It is a hard habit to break,  but alas, things have changed around here.  Mr. Mixologist came to my rescue last night, as he is quite the handy one. He has assured me that he can get it handled without the need of any professionals or the fees they charge ! 

He reminded me that he repaired a hole in the sheet rock, caused by yours truly,  when I fell last month on the treadmill, after a dizzy spell,  putting one of these size 10's through the wall ! LOL. You should have seen the sheer panic on his face, when he heard my tumble and came running into the office to check on me. I was fine, although a tad embarrassed :) I still have the sage green paint, used for the office in the garage, so after he completely repaired the wall, he painted it and I swear it looks like the hole was never there !

He also reminded me that, when the freezer in the side by side refrigerator went out two months ago, I was already online at Conn's looking for a new one to buy, when HE discovered that it could be repaired & I was back in business, with fresh ice cubes within 12 hours. Man it feels good to have a handy man around that can do some man ish ! I think I am going to use some of the funds he has saved to get some steaks this weekend for the grill. The thing about that is, he won't let me near the grill when he is around ! LOL So I guess I will just season the meat, bake some potatoes and toss a salad, while he is outside doing what a handy man does ! Thank you Lord !

What are you thankful for today ?

Are you handy around the house ?

Thoughts ? Questions ? Comments ?

Beautifully Complex


Tazzee said...

Yet another one of your thankful posts that I'm trying VERY hard not to 'bite', LOL. My husband is very handy. He used to be in construction management. He can knock down and build walls - install track lighting. All that stuff! If he can't do it himself, he knows someone that can do it on the 'low-low'

Like you, I'd learned to be handy. I can install a ceiling fan, know how to change a tire and more importantly, I know how to call a professional, LOL. It took a while for me to get used to the fact that my love could handle all that - it truly IS a blessing.

Beautifully Complex said...

@ Tazzee In reading your blog, we seem to have alot in common, so I get where you are coming from ! LOL