Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thankful: Day 21 Breath of Life

So we got word that Mr. Mixologist's sister-in-law's mother passed this weekend. She had been sick with Cancer and was recently placed in Hospice care, after being cared for by her daughter for many months at their home. We knew that things had recently turned,  but she went quicker than was expected. He just found out he is going to be a pall bearer at the funeral. He is very honored at the request, but it is challenging to him because it reminds him of the fact that he had to serve in this role in the past for an uncle and a couple of cousins that he was extremely close to.  Death is never easy, but as we all know, it is a part of life.

We have been focused on how we are going to go about adjusting our travel plans, to accommodate this unexpected change for this upcoming  holiday week.  It is going to involve a lot of maneuvering on our part. We were talking today about how challenging it will be for us to cut short a happy family visit, to switch gears emotionally and head to a family event filled with sorrow.  We will go from being laid back, relaxed and enjoying ourselves, enjoying life, to being tasked with being supportive and assisting wherever we are needed under the shadow of death.  I will be meeting some of his family members for the first time, under these unfortunate circumstances, which is not how we originally planned it. But life rarely goes according to plan as we all know.

I have been in prayer for his brother and sister-in law's comfort and recently wrote about facing a similar situation HERE. And yesterday over at CreoleinDC she wrote something that I was really feeling and thinking about as well. Death always puts me in a very reflective place. All of my time and personal challenges on this earth are bringing me to a place of peace and gratefulness of every single day that I am blessed with, as well as those around me. So today I am so thankful for the breath of life that awoke me this morning, that allows me to praise Him and to thank Him for another chance to get it right. 

What are you thankful for ?

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ?

Beautifully Complex


Don said...

I've dealt with the death of a loved one and I've dealt with the death of loved ones during the holiday seasons. And, as you stated, it always offers a feeling of thnakfulness and reflection and humility. So I have an idea of what your man is suffering.

Commendable that you are there by his side during such a time. Mad respect.

Given that, I am thankful to be alive, my mom, my woman, my daughter, my health, my peace of mind, my beliefs.

Beautifully Complex said...

@ Don
Thanks so much. I am trying to be the friend to him that I would need.
The fact that it happened around a major holiday makes it that much harder to deal with.

Tarsha R said...

I am sorry for your sweetie's loss. I will be lifting you both up in prayer. You have my number if you need anything.

Beautifully Complex said...

@Tarsha Thanks pretty lady :)