Monday, June 4, 2012

Stay off my D@#% Phone !

Please excuse me while I get real ignorant.  I really try to keep it PG-13 around here, but today is not that day. LOL

This weekend I get a random text from a stray from like 3 years ago. We used to talk on the phone mostly & we dated very briefly, he just wasn't for me. He was a nice guy just no connection for me. He has had a hard life, lots of childhood trauma, so in many ways I always felt sorry for him & tried to be as nice as possible especially when I let him know for certain that I just was not interested in him romantically. Not that it matters,  but for the record, we were never physically intimate.

I remember that I had communicated with this person very briefly a couple of times via text since I have been with Mr. Mixologist. On both occasions, I  made sure very tactfully, to let this person know that I was happily involved in a serious relationship, because he inquired about my status. I have his old number still in my phone, but this text came in from a different number. I missed the first few texts messages from him, because I was sleeping.

Here is the text exchange (check out the times of these messages). My responses are in bold.  My commentary is in italics.

10:53 PM    Hi Beautifully Complex

why do they always text in the middle of the night ? 

  7:01 AM    Good Morning

 10:18AM    Hello

 10:38AM   Got a new cell phone, whose number is this ?

 10:39AM   This is ______How are you ?

 10:41AM   Doing great. How about yourself  ?

 10:43 AM  Same here, did you and Romeo get married ?

 10:46AM  We are engaged. He put a nice ring on it.
                   We are planning our wedding.
                   It's next year. How is your love life ? 

 10:50AM   Was going well, I may be single again soon.

 10:51AM  Sorry to hear that.

 10:53AM  It happens

this is where it went wrong......

 10:53 AM Are u still thick and sexy ?

10:58 AM  Send me a pic

11:01 AM  Yes No

11:13 AM You gonna ignore me ?

.....why state the obvious ?

11:22 AM Hello

damn, I guess he just doesn't get it. I guess I could have continued to ignore him, but I just really needed to get him off my phone. 

12:03PM  Asking about my body & asking me for a pic...
                 TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE. 
                 You  pretend to want to be friendly, 
                 but I won't jeopardize the trust
                 I have in my relationship by entertaining your text messages. 
                 Peace & blessings to you. 

Just when I though he had bowed out gracefully, 4 hours later.......

 4:00PM  F#%@  You !

4:10 PM  Yeah I know you wish you could LOL Lose my number.
                 Don't EVER contact me from any number ever again. 
                 I always try to treat you with respect you don't deserve. 
                 Stay off my phone you disrespectful asshole !
                 Enjoy your miserable life.

4:15PM   OK B$%#@ ! Enjoy his little D&%$ !

4:24PM   Yeah, you wish it was little LOL. He wears a size 15 shoe.
                 Trust & believe I am more than satisfied with
                 the bat he is swinging, which is why I won't EVER let you
                 and your phone games jeopardize what I got going on.
                 You can call me all the names you wish.
                 I know who I am and yet it is YOU who always shows
                 back up on MY phone LOL.
                 You don't deserve the respect I've always tried to show you.
                Stop texting me. Just imagine I am invisible to you.
4: 38PM   Sorry for the name calling

4: 56PM   Are we cool

4: 58PM   Are we cool


WTH ? You text me all random,  at late hours in the night, then again at the break of dawn !  You get inappropriate with me after I have confirmed that I am off the market & then when I check you on it, you want to cuss me out,  call me out of my name and then try to insult my dude !  Really, what part of the game is this ????  I was heated !

You know guys love to talk about how thirsty the women are out here in these streets and I for one am getting tired of hearing it, because what guys don't talk about is how clingy & desperate acting they can be, and  how they try to hate on the next man, just because a woman is not interested in playing games them ! I have never been the one to send pictures of myself to men on cell phones. EVER. I don't understand why people do this. This is how you end up embarrassed on the the damn internet !

I leave my email open, my cell phone unlocked and my FB open so that my love knows I have nothing to hide. We use each others laptops and cell phones all.the.time. I do my best to be an open book with him. The last thing I want is some damn confusion about some stray ass dude from 3 years ago typing inappropriate ish on my d@$& phone !

Thanks for entertaining my rant LOL

****steps off my soapbox and sits my ass down******

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ?

Beautifully Complex 


Donna said...

You know I'm tempted to blog up and through your comments here. I think it's an ego thing for me. They get pleasure out of "taking" you from your man. Unfortunately, there are some women who entertain such BS, that's why the think they can get away with it. I treat these outreaches like children having a temper tantrum -- I ignore them lest they think such behavior will get them some attention.

I bet he's not finished sending messages. Dummy!

PhenomenallyMe said...

Girl, its crazy how men can be so thirsty! That was totally disrespectful and you handled it very well!

Beautifully Complex said...

No worries. I love comments.
Ego is exactly right. Just so they can thump their chest & brag to their boys about how some other guys woman is entertaining their nonsense.

Beautifully Complex said...

Thanks for stopping by & commenting.

As you can see it is not just the women who are parched in these streets.LOL

CaliGirlED said...

Girl that was sooooo wrong!!! And you're right, men are always talking about thirsty women and some of their homeboys are parched and dehydrated! SMH

Ms. Smart said...

Men (and some women) are always lamenting about the thirst of women. But I bet we all have several tangible examples of men being guilty of the same behavior they assign to women. Even worse, unlike women, when they don't get the response they want, they behave like petulant children.

Beautifully Complex said...

Thanks for stopping by & commenting.
I for one am sick of women getting the bad rap.

Beautifully Complex said...

So many of these men are spoiled & their egos are huge!

K. Rock said...

What in the what? He was out of all sorts of line! How could you even speak to someone like that? And AFTER you told him you were taken. Just ugh. You did good handling it.

InnerDiva said...

Da hell? First, how are you texting someone in the middle of the night? And then trying to curse them out when they don't send you pictures? Just rude and disgusting.

SingLikeSassy said...

Welp, I guess we know why he's single. O_=

Moe said...

Wow ... I had the same thing happen not to long ago a random texting and calling me. I told him I had a great man and was very happy. This fool tries to tell me Im wrong and confused 0_0. Then he ask well give me one good thing about our relationship I gave his behind the dial tone in his ear.

Anonymous said...

He's a d!ck! I'm glad you checked his thirsty ass! He was way out of line. His reaction was typical of the male ego being deflated.

agapewoman said...

Funny thing about this is...they don't get better with age. I used to think that maturity helps, they just don't like being rejected. Poor souls...

Smokie said...

You sent all of that in a text???

Beautifully Complex said...

Yep. I needed to set him straight so he can move around permanently. I was having cocktails w TiffanyinHouston the next day & let her read the whole exchange. LOL We were laughing at his simple ass & then I decided to get a blog post out of it!

Newy said...

I got a random text from the ex about 2 months ago. I changed my number. He had been doing the random texts for over a year now. I am truly finished with him and thus, I changed the number. It was freeing. :)