Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a pretty nice weekend.

Friday night I helped my girlfriend host her 10 yr old daughters Birthday Slumber party. There were a total of 12 girls from the age of 9-15. Whew ! We let them make their own pizzas, we played the Wii game Just Dance which just proved to me  how totally out of shape I am much I need some cardio in my life.  LOL She also had a young lady come to the house so that all the girls could get manicures. We did Karaoke, baked cookies and watched movies. It was a loooong night. But it was a really fun girls night.

Customizing their Pizzas

Pampering Party 

Wii Dancing & Karaoke

Cookie Decorating

Saturday she had the actual party where the rest of the family came by for Hot Dogs and Cupcakes. It was extremely hot so the girls played in the water outside before the party started.

Me and t the Birthday Girl 

Me and my best friend

Saturday night we hung out with TiffanyNHouston and her husband. Good times & plenty of laughing. Both of the guys were telling us some crazy stories from their younger days that are just not safe for the blog LMAO. We went to V21 Shot Bar & Grille.  We enjoyed some great food and drinks. We had some very nice Mojitos and I had another drink called the Electric Slide.  They have several shot variations which were pretty creative. We enjoyed a pretty good appetizer called Greek Nachos and the Calamari was pretty good too. We also had a Margherita Pizza and Cajun Shrimp Sliders. I wish I had taken some photos cause the food was really good. We didn't stay out too late because they had to get up early to go fishing and we wanted to make it to early service.

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Electric Slide Cocktail 

Oh yeah I finally left my Blackberry  & joined Team Android a couple of months ago & I am loving all the apps & my new phone.  I just joined In.stagram  you can find me as beautifullycomplex.

Sunday was such a beautiful First Sunday. After church, we went to grab some chinese for lunch and then our favorite past time, looking at neighborhoods.  We ran some errands, got some ice cream and then I needed a nap (still recuperating from being up all night with those girls).  We ended the weekend watching the NBA playoffs.

How was your weekend ?   What did you do ?

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ?

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