Sunday, August 5, 2012

Middle of America

Am I lame for wanting a copy of the TimeLife  Singers & Songwriters CD collection ? LOL  I remember when I was young & those music commercials would come on TV and all my aunts & uncles & older cousins would be jammin'.  Now I get it. Music can really take me back &  make me feel really warm & fuzzy inside, especially when its the music you grew up on.

Me & my sister spent our summers literally in the " middle of America " in a little small town that my mother had to drive 7 hours to get to so she could drop us off to stay with my great-grandmother & great aunt. It's the place where she grew up and I have so many funny stories from that time that I just may blog about since I'm doing this 30 day blog challenge.

Anyway the purpose of this post was to highlight the band "America" which I discovered during these lazy summers in the 70's & early 80's. Since they had no "urban" radio station, we had to listen to what we could get on our little transistor radios (remember those?)& their tiny antennas. We spent so may lazy summer days having picnics (sandwiches and a bunch of junk food, chips, candy & soda) laying on our blankets under the trees reading, talking, laughing & listening to the radio.  I think there was a lot of really great music from that time.

We used to sing this one at the top of our lungs......

I had no idea what was going on with all the symbolism in this song, but sang it loud and strong just the same. LOL

I bet it was fun to be in a band in the 70' I said all the imagery was beyond me as a child but it is definitely interesting to listen to it now and put some of the themes together in the music.

What is some of your favorite music from your youth ?   Do you like America ?

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ?

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