Monday, August 13, 2012

No Loyalty Among Thieves

Last Friday I along with 3 other people conducted a three hour interview with an Informant. For obvious reasons I can't get into the specifics of the situation. However, this is a fairly common occurrence for me based on the work that I do as a Fraud Investigator for my employer. One of the things that is always interesting to me is establishing and examining the motives of the people that choose to willingly provide information about different types of fraud and illegal activity that goes on. The stories are always interesting and human nature is so consistent and predictable LOL. In last weeks scenario, the Informant has had knowledge of the fraud being committed for a significant amount of time.What prompted this person to come forward to spill the tea you ask ? Well of course it was a dispute over........what else?......MONEY. What was interesting to me is that the amount of money involved seemed pretty minor in my view. But I guess no amount of money is too little when you feel like someone has disrespected you. I am sure that if the person being poured out knew what not paying would ultimately cost them they would have just paid the debt.

On the other hand, why would you expect people who behave criminally, to have integrity and loyalty and to deal with you fairly and in good faith ? This seems like common sense to me but after interviewing countless  ex-business partners, ex-husbands, ex-friends, ex-associates. ex-employees, it seems clear to me that the best way to not get caught committing fraud, is to stay on very good terms with any and everyone who is complicit in the scheme. I am sure this is hard to do sometimes but just know that more often that not,  the person who pulls the string that makes it all unravel is someone who is close to you our used to be.  As the saying goes.....there is no loyalty amongst thieves.

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