Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring has Sprung ! Part 2 The Final Wrap Up

Wednesday afternoon, we headed to downtown San Antonio. Every time I visit the Riverwalk I wonder why we don't go more often since it's not that far from Houston. The kids enjoyed themselves. We had dinner at The Iron Cactus . The food was pretty good. A Mariachi  band came to the table to serenade us. After dinner we took a boat ride through downtown.

Walking the river
Lazy River

Boat Cruise

Ready to ride !

The kids were most excited about Thursdays activity, Horseback riding. We went to Cypress Trails the same place we went a couple of years ago. The girls have ridden before so they were acting like little equestrians ! The two boys 5 and 7 had never ridden before but they can work with any skill level.

The little ones get ready
Getting mounted up

All eight of us on Horseback !

Ridem' Cowgirl !
Pay attention ahead ! LOL

My mom sponsored the horseback riding this year. She knew the kids really wanted to go & that I plan a lot of activities for them & this was her way of helping out. I truly appreciate her giving spirit.  I was so glad that the weather cleared up after raining for two days straight. The trails were a little wet, but it was an absolutely beautiful day to ride.

Between walking up and down in those caves on Wednesday and riding that horse on Thursday, I had used some muscles that I haven't used in a while so I was feeling it in my back & legs  before long ! By Friday, I had to have my niece to give me a massage LOL !

Kids taking over my bed !

Best Buddies !

Worn out from the ride !

Friday was the last day so we did it big, the weather cooperated so off to Galveston Beach we went......We had fun in the water, had a picnic for lunch and managed to relax in the sun for a bit before we had to trek back to Houston to wind up this years Spring Break Adventure. Mr. Mixologist was a life saver last week.We would not have been able to do so many activities without his assistance & extra supervision of the little ones.

Beach Buddies !

Jet Beauty !

Laying out !

Cool pup !

Picnic time 

Building Sand Castles

Taking a Break 

A had a very long night Friday washing & conditioning lots of hair, washing clothes & packing bags for the return trip.  We cut out the Spring Break Party at my house this year because I wanted to go back early to see about my mom over the weekend (she is constantly improving). As God's perfect timing goes. My 24 yr old step-daughter (ex-husband's daughter) happened to have her baby on Saturday morning. We had talked just the week before about getting together for a visit when I brought the kids back over the weekend. When I called her on Saturday to try to meet, she was in the hospital !

Their new cousin 

My nieces & nephew were excited to see the baby, so we went & picked up some flowers, a card and balloons & headed over to see her. The baby is absolutely beautiful and she looked great to have just given birth only hours earlier(but not yet photo ready) LOL.

Do I look like a grandmother ! LOL

Mr. Mixologist gets a real kick out of me being a grandmother & has been teasing me in the months we have been waiting for this baby to arrive.

It was a busy, fun, stressful at times, love filled wonderful adventurous week, but I am glad to sit still for the moment. We have been recovering all week long (hence the late post). I am truly thankful for the blessing of my family.

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ?

Beautifully Complex 


Tazzee said...

Just like your adventure last year, I got tired reading all this. Sounds like you had a great time. You deserve some sort of Auntie award!

My stepchildren are 21, 20, 18 and 16. I'm sure I'll be a grandma in the next 5 years. I'm not ready!!! LOL

Beautifully Complex said...

Trust me I am still tired too ! The running joke in the family now is, that if I ever tried to break this tradition these kids would try to hang me from the nearest tree. LMAO

Two things I try to focus on in regard to this trip : 1) Seeing first hand how all my friends with kids don't seem to get a lot of down time as a couple. I like being able to give my sis & BIL a break to reconnect & let me tell you they REALLY let me know how they appreciate it. 2) I miss so many of their BD's, soccer games, school events, etc. because I moved away, it's just my way of making up for that & getting some extra bonding time with them.