Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just Me...........Randomly

Wow can you believe it is March already ? It feels like we never really had a winter. I remember last February I had a frozen water pipe burst, problems with my heat and all kinds of homeowner blues. This year seems like we are running right into Spring. I need to get ready.

Me and my FiancĂ©e took a long weekend last weekend and drove back up to see my mom & check on her. She is progressing well and I am no longer as stressed but it is still hard to see your parents deal with health issues and aging. It is the cycle of life, nothing new to many, but challenging still. It is a blessing to see how concerned he and his family have been about her care and condition. I am gaining so much with him in my life. Thank you blog family for your continued prayers and concern as well. They are working for sure.

I am getting prepared for my nieces and nephews to come for their annual Spring Break Retreat in a couple of weeks.  I have been trying to get their itinerary set and get my mind right too. LOL Just kidding,  I am really  looking forward to it & they are hyped as usual. Mr. Mixologist already booked the van for the week with no push-back from me. Remember when I thought I was too fly to drive a van ? I just HAD to have an SUV. Well last year those kids loved the van & we were able to store so much of their luggage and gear that there was not even a discussion this year. LOL

My mom being hospitalized and all the traveling has had me preoccupied with my main priority (my mom) but me and my love are still actively wedding planning. We have not picked a date yet,  but have definitely decided that it will be in........... New Orleans ! One of our favorite cities. I distinctly remember being together in NOLA last July and he said to me, "This would be a great place to get married". Little did I know......:) Neither of us have family in Texas and no matter where we have it ALL of our family members have to travel, so we decided to pick a city that we both enjoy that would be a fun destination for those who will be present. 

One of my friends is hosting an Engagement Party for us next weekend and I need something new to wear. I have spent the last 3 weekends traveling so this will be my only weekend to go shopping to find something I like. I am a little "fluffier" than I would like to be, but even still I am happy and excited about the occasion.  Me and Mr. Mixologist have agreed that we are not taking any formal  Engagement photos until we BOTH drop some lbs!  LOL

After the kids go back home from Spring Break,  we are planning a weekend jaunt in late March or early April to NOLA to see  some wedding venues. We have found several that we really like by looking online so we need to see them in person, decide which one we like,  find out about availability so we can then set a date.  There are so many festivals & events that take place in New Orleans all the time plus Hurricane season, so it's a tricky dance to pick the right time. Either way it is still a pretty popular spot for brides.

What's going on random with you ?

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ?

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ichoosethesun said...

Glad to hear your mom is progressing. Yay for picking NOLA as your wedding locale, what a great city!