Monday, January 5, 2009

My Time to Shine in 2009

Whew ! 2008 was quite a year. I was all over the board. Alot of things can happen in year which is why I am ever hopeful for this next one. Let's see....this time last year I was preparing to run my 4th Half-Marathon with plans to run a full one this year. I did complete the race in January & planned to join a running club to train for the full this year. However, I struggled with a knee injury in October which along with Hurricane Ike in September & the loss of electricity for 3 weeks, staying here and there with different friends who had power threw my whole training program completely off. I am a bit disappointed as I continue to see the promotions for the big race & the never ending emails they keep sending as I am still on the distribution list even though I sold by bib. The good news is that I am going to DC for 6 days for the Inauguration & to visit friends which happens to coincide with the weekend of the race, so I will definitely trade the race for Obama & Michelle. I would not have been able to go the DC to witness this historic event if I had still planned to run so it is all working out. The down side is that my fitness goals got tanked without me having a set goal to work toward to keep me motivated so I am back on the wagon trying to pull it all together before I turn the big 4-0 this summer. I can't stop. I won't quit. Believe that ( as my friend Eric would say). The holidays were lovely despite a very herky jerky year in my personal/romantic life. I started out trying to recover from dealing with my ex-husband, only to realize that ditching me for the last time must have been his New Years Resolution for 2008 ! LOL ! Then first thing out of the gate in March I get hooked up with this fool I met online who turned out the be a real life Stalker (my first) ! I thought I had bounced back when in May I reconnected with a guy I knew in college( who will be referred to as Commitment Phobe). But in hindsight it was moving way too fast & I should not have been willing to get pulled in so quickly even though he was seemingly leading the way. He fooled me, my family & closest crew. He deserves the Oscar & the Emmy ! The silver lining is that I had a wonderful birthday in which I was happy (at the time) & surrounded by my closest friends & felt really special. Things ended very abruptly in October ( just before that nortorious 6 month window) but I am convinced now that I truly dodged a bullet. So I came into the holidays, doing my best to battle my depression about being back on the dating scene yet again & did a pretty good job of having a nice holiday season for the most part. Enjoyed hosting my family in my first new house since my divorce & it was lovely. Had a blast with the nieces & the nephew & just felt overwhelmingly blessed. I started dating Military at the beginning of December & ended up ending it on New Years Day. Another lesson learned. It is better to spend New Years at church in commune with God, or with your closests friends, or just by yourself rather than to spend it "out on the town" with someone that you just aren't feeling to avoid being alone. It was a nice dinner, a nice event, but since I had already began to notice some deal breakers & red flags I knew it was not going to last & just could not muster up the "required excitement" for New Year's Eve. I am sure that HE got caught up in the holidays himself & just didn't want to be alone. I myself know that I would have been OK. This is a milestone year for me & I really do want to put my best effort to the task of realizing my dreams great & small. I have some written resolutions but I won't detail them here as this post is long enough. But I do plan to hold myself accountable & use this blog as a way to measure & document my successes and any setbacks. One of my goals is to blog more frequently starting right here & now. So here I am with a new year, a new start, a chance to keep getting up & moving closer to what HE has for me. It has my name on it. I don't know what it is, but I trust its mine & will come in the appointed time.