Thursday, January 8, 2009

Little Brown Girls

I am becoming quite addicted to the D.aily Sh.ow with Jon Stewart. The show is so smartly written & he is totally hilarious. He is quite odd looking on the surface but I don't know it seems over time he has become more attractive to me. I guess its the fact that he is so sharp, funny & charismatic. I love this show because they really approach the news and politics in an unusual way. Its informative and very entertaining. Yesterday they did a show in regard to all the ridiculous media attention that Malia & Sasha Obama are getting surrounding their first day of school. I loved it ! There are some pretty talented actors on the show. He also had Rachel Maddow on from MSNBC & she is extremely cool & smart. I definitely think that the media pretty much overkills most things these days, but I guess I am a little torn about this because I am so proud to have these little brown girls growing up in the White House & representing us all around the world. I definitely want their safety to be the priority & in now way feel it should ever be compromised. I guess even though I know we should respect their privacy because they are kids, I feel like they are such beautiful, smart, accomplished little girls that I want the world to truly understand that we (meaning black people) are more similar to them than we are different. The more that America & the world sees this, the better. There are still so many non-black people who don't really know how black people in general live, think, or feel because they are inundated with stereotypes on a daily basis. I think the Obama family will go a long way in dispelling some of this simply because they are on the worlds stage now.