Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Birthday Weekend Part 2 * Photo Heavy Post *

Friday night was spent having great drinks and conversation with friends. We decided to pick one of our tried and true favorite places and also a new spot to hang out. First up Mr. Mixologist picked out the new place called Absinthe Brasserie in Midtown. This was a nice, cozy lounge tucked out of the way. They had nice cocktails and a pretty creative drink menu and some good  small plates. We definitely will be back. Be advised this place has absolutely no signage outside. It seems they want to be "off the radar" which is kind of cool. Look for the big brown double doors under the black awning.

We polished off these plates !
The actual "Absinthe" drink is pretty potent according to the menfolk who attended. I personally was trying to pace myself for the evening so I did not partake in it but they did. Supposedly it has some hallucinogenic qualities LOL. I was trying to maintain my composure.

Me & my girls 

Mr Mixologist clowning with friends 

Me & my Sorors 

Great friends 

Of course they found a place to smoke Cigars ! LOL 

Next up, we headed over to one of our tried and true spots. Boheme Cafe & Wine Bar, also in Midtown. We love this place ! They have recently expanded what was already a really nice patio. There is plenty of seating & even though it gets crowded we were able to get seats together for the 15 or so people we had with us.

Me with friends Tarsha, TiffanyinHouston, CaligirlED
I appreciate my blog/twitter peeps who have become my good friends IRL for coming out to help me celebrate my Birthday! Thank you so much ladies :) 

Cutest couple ! 

Feeling really good ! LOL

Patio Parlayin ! 
I was having a great time at Boheme until the Houston humidity ruined my do' LOL ! I sobered up real quick after looking more closely at the pictures on my camera.  I won't post the pictures of me looking crazy about the head LMAO.  Needless to say, I had to get up & call my stylist with an SOS so that I could be cute for the Birthday dinner that Mr. Mixologist had planned for us on Saturday. 

It was a great evening " Birthday Bar Hopping " with my friends, with nice drinks, great ambiance and good weather (it had been pouring down raining the whole week).  Somebody was smiling on me ! 

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ?

Beautifully Complex 


CaliGirlED said...

I had a great time and was happy to share in the celebration! Loved both of those spots! Can't wait to do it again, for whatever occasion! Oh it's the 1st Tuesday and you lost 1 pound? Ok let's go! LMAO!!!

Beautifully Complex said...

That sounds like a good enough reason to me LOL ! We most definitely will do it again very soon. We enjoyed you.

Tarsha! said...

BC I had a wonderful time helping you celebrate your birthday! I LOVE CELEBRATING! Thank you for including me in the festivities!

Can't wait to do it again!

Beautifully Complex said...

You are welcome. It was great to see you.MM said he was glad that you liked the places we picked so much :) Thanks again.