Thursday, July 19, 2012

Birthday Weekend The Finale

On Saturday my actual birthday, I had to get up & head BACK to the Salon to get my hair tightened up so I could hang out with my guy later that evening. My stylist was cracking up when I called her because one of my girlfriends who also goes to her too had already sent her a text trying to squeeze in too. She had been "patio parlaying" with all of us the night before and the Houston humidity did her in as well.  Luckily she did not charge me anything to basically re-curl my hair.

After leaving the Salon, I went and used a couple of gift cards I had received to pick up a few things & then spent the day hanging with Mr. Mixologist. He surprised me with the restaurant choice and he always makes the best decisions. We went to Backstreet Cafe  and I absolutely loved it !

Can I get a window seat ?

The restaurant looks like a converted two story house with lovely patios in the front and the back. We got to sit in the window seat with views of the outside and inside. I was not trying to be back in that humidity ! LOL

I started off with this refreshing libation........

Fresh Raspberry Mojito
It was really good. For an appetizer we decided to share the Lump Crab-cakes. Mr. Mixologist actually grew up in  Baltimore,  so he knows his way around a crab cake. He was thoroughly impressed and I was too. 

Delicious ! 

I decided to stick with seafood for my entree and selected the Shrimp and Stone Ground Cheese Grits.

Heaven in a bowl ! 

One word. Phenomenal.
For his choice, Mr. Mixologist decided to go with comfort food and ordered the Meatloaf Tower......

Nice presentation 

It was a simple dish but I tasted it and it was was very good. It had fresh spinach, fresh mushrooms in the gravy with mashed potatoes on top. We loved all the food, the drinks, the service, the ambiance. I looked at the Brunch Menu which was pretty extensive & determined that we will most definitely be back.

After dinner we headed over to one of my love's favorite places, Downing Street which is Bar/Cigar Lounge. He mainly likes it for the ambiance and the location because it sits in the heart of the city close to other places that we like to hang out. For any cigar aficionados reading this, if you ever come to Houston, just know that their prices are not that great and the selection is even worse. If you really want a great selection and price, you must go to Serious Cigars. My love never leaves the house without his traveling humidor so he was all good. We ordered some drinks and he smoked from his own private stash LOL.

After that we headed over to a new spot that one of his friends recommended for some live music, The Fedora Lounge. We stayed for a couple of hours. There were not a lot of people there, but they did have a live saxophonist, the place is very nice and the drinks were on point. Hopefully they can build a nice following.

Sunday was spent sleeping in during yet another rain storm & getting the best sleep ever !  Later after it cleared up, I did some grocery shopping, a few chores around the house and just lazed around recovering from an exciting weekend.  I had a wonderful Birthday weekend and am so grateful for the many blessings in my life. So thankful for another year of life.

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ?

Beautifully Complex  


Tarsha! said...

MM mentioned Backstreet Cafe when he was walking me to my car...I think me and a girlfriend will go this weekend!!

So glad you had a wonderful weekend!

Beautifully Complex said...

You ladies have fun. With the way you throw down in the kitchen, I know you have discriminating taste & will appreciate the experience :)

K. Rock said...

Looks like some really fun times. Happy birthday!

InnerDiva said...

Looks you had a great birthday weekend! Happy belated!