Monday, December 13, 2010

Musical Monday

My Christmas spirit is in full effect. I have been listening to a lot of my favorite holiday music over the last week or so and that always pulls me right on in. Also, I have been shopping a little earlier than I normally do since I won't be with my family this year and have to get their stuff shipped in time, so that helped me too.

Most of the music I listen to around Christmas is stuff I have had for years and years. The Temptations Christmas, I grew up listening to as a child. It brings back so many warm and fuzzy memories of my family. The Boys II Men is a  Classic Christmas CD bought when I was a young adult.That CD just never gets old to me. No joking I have actually purchased that dang CD a total of 3 times over the years from just wearing it out ! I also have a really nice Take 6 Christmas CD and a Toni Braxton one that I always break out too.

Now let me say off top that I am a HUGE Ledisi fan. I have seen her in concert 4 times since 2007. I've been close enough to the stage to make eye contact with her and when I say show, I mean she puts on a show. You get your money's worth & want to leave a tip when you leave the performance! LOL. She is truly and engaged performer. So anyway, when she dropped a Christmas CD back in 2008, I purchased it without having heard a single song on the dang CD.  So if you are a fan of Ledisi, you need to pick this up for sure, but even if you are not a fan, I don't know how you wouldn't be after listening to this music. In addition to the classics like "Silent Night" and "What are You Doing New Years" there are actually 4 original songs on the CD that are kind of jazzy, swingy, with lots of instrumentation, just pretty much her style of singing that I love so much.

I found a few links for you guys to enjoy:

This last link below is my girl singing live in her hometown of New Orleans.*** Note that she is singing with a keyboardist only, outside, under a tent in the the dang rain and she is still bringing it. I also love how gracious and thankful she is after this performance, greeting fans and posing for pictures even thought she obviously has somewhere else to get to. She really has a sweet spirit about her.

This chick has been on the grind for many years and has finally come into some real recognition and I am loving it ! If I have convinced you go ahead, support real music. This would be a nice stocking stuffer for someone I know. LOL You can find this or any of her other music right over here.

I think good music what makes the world go around ! Hope you enjoy the videos.

What artists are you feeling lately ?

Thoughts ? Comments? Questions ?

Beautifully Complex 

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