Friday, December 17, 2010

Is There a Doctor in the House ?

The Dr. and her cousins !

Today I got the most wonderful and exciting news ! See the pretty lady above in the middle ? That is my little sister, my only sister, my partner in crime from back in the day, my blood by birth and friend by choice, the mother of the wonderful nieces and nephew that I treasure. Well, this morning she successfully defended her Dissertation in front of a Committee of Higher Edu-ma-cation Elites ! LOL  After waiting almost 3 hours with baited breath, she just called to give me the good news. In recent weeks, we have poured through the voluminous 164 pages with her, critiquing and tweaking so she would have it just right. We prayed together last night, and in fact the whole family has been praying for her and with her as she has been preparing  for this big event and today she was rewarded with many years of dedicated hard work, perseverance and preparation.

Congratulations Doctor Sister ! I love you and am immensely proud of your accomplishment !

Beautifully Complex 

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