Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dear (Secret) Santa.............

I am hyped to be participating in Christmas in Blogland. It's a Secret Santa Gift Exchange hosted by Pserendipity. 

I am not really sure that my blog necessarily makes it easy to pick a gift for yours truly, so I'm gonna drop some hints for Santa today since we only have 6 days to get our gifts purchased and in the mail.

For the record, anything I receive will be greatly appreciated, because I simply love receiving and opening packages. Shoot I love opening any type of envelope ! LOL

I love all things wine. So any type of wine, accessories or paraphernalia is cool with me.

Photo Frames are always welcome here. I have lots of pictures around my home and that is one thing I don't think you can have too many of.  I enjoy  framing  and displaying photos of my family and friends.

Books, of any kind, if you stalk the blog, some commenter's made some suggestions here recently that I have been meaning to check out. I read a lot of different genres, so if you personally read a good book recently you would recommend, I will probably enjoy it.

Scented Candles I never get enough of these either. They come in real handy while I am soaking in the tub with some nice vino! LOL

Which leads me to my last idea.......good music. This is the other thing I truly enjoy while relaxing. Now this could be tricky since it would be hard to know what I don't already have in my music collection, but I will say this.... there is a male artist, who is actually quite sexy, who is listed in my profile who has a very recently released CD that I haven't picked up yet.

Hope this was helpful Secret Santa............I have been a very good girl this year !

Beautifully Complex

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