Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just Me........Randomly

I must admit it. I suck at blogging ! LOL Every time I think I will do better, life kicks in and I get sidetracked. I thought the blog challenge would work for me and I had all these ideas swirling in my head when I saw the topics, but dropped the ball any way. I may just pick and choose the topics I liked and use some in the future. 

I do love reading blogs though, and the comments and debates I thoroughly enjoy. So even if I am not writing I am reading. I lurk on so many blogs, my google reader stays full. I comment on some and wish I had time to comment more.  Between blogging, FB, and twitter and my busy work life, I need more hours in the day I swear. So let me try to catch up a bit :

Last month, I was so excited to be able to witness blog world's own TIH tie the knot ! Everything was lovely, the colors were beautiful, the food and cake were delicious, and we had lots of fun, doing "The Wobble" and the Soul train line. There were a few other blogger's there as well. It is always cool to meet the people behind the words.  Tiffany and Myron  are such a lovely couple and I am so happy for them and the love they have found. This was first wedding that me and Mr. Mixologist  attended together and we really enjoyed ourselves.

This month we traveled to the city where my sister lives to celebrate her 40th Birthday. We had an "80's Themed" party that was planned and hosted by yours truly.  Everything came together nicely. We had Rubik's cubes, Slinky's, Star War's memorabilia, old school candy on the tables, Old School Album Covers along the walls, the embarrassing old photo montage, a trivia contest, dance contest and a costume contest for prizes. The DJ was amazing ! My sister had made a list of all the song's she wanted played and we had so much fun. She loved everything and had a really nice turnout. We decorated everything in fuchsia and black. My sister was dressed as Janet Jackson from Rhythm Nation, with the military uniform and long ponytail. She kept her costume a secret from everybody including me and she looked really cute !  My BIL was dressed like the guy from Miami Vice. I was  some combination of Madonna and Cyndi Lauper, with leg warmers, pearls, headband and lace gloves.  Mr. Mixologist came as LL Cool J. When it was over, I was exhausted from all the planning, etc, but in the end, it was truly a blast and my sister was really happy about how it all turned out. 

I cannot believe that it is almost November. This year has flown by for sure. But I am so glad for the temperature drop in this humidity capital I live in. I have been using the treadmill  for a while, but now I can head outside to get ready to run the Turkey Trot this year with some family members. 

I love this time of year because of the upcoming holidays. It seems like my caseload at work is starting to slow a bit and I am thankful for that too. This past week after work, me and another friend, went to help our mutual "domestically challenged friend" with getting her girls ready for Halloween.  She turns her kids over to us each year since she is not creative or into cooking. My friend  always helps them with the pumpkin carving, and I am the one that helps with the cooking of the pumpkins. Last year we made the traditional pumpkin pies. This year, I wanted to switch it up a bit, so I helped the 8 year old make pumpkin muffins, and the 12 year old make a pumpkin cheesecake. I love cooking with kids because they get so excited about it.Both recipes turned out great and I was glad since I found them on the Internet and hadn't tested either one.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are quickly approaching and plans are being made. I am extra excited because things are going well on the relationship front. This is the longest relationship I have had since my divorce  and I am having very positive feelings about it so far.  Mr. Mixologist is heading home with me for Thanksgiving and he told me last week that we are going to his family's for Christmas ! Now he has traveled with me to see my family on 3 occasions since we met in January. Once to take my nieces home, again when my cousin had a stroke, and to my sister's party. So everyone is getting used to him being around. Me on the other hand, have only met one of his brothers (he lives here). So I am getting ready to meet the parents, other siblings, nieces, aunts, etc for the first time. Can you tell I am a bit anxious ? LOL It has been a long time since I cared to make an impression on a man's family, so it feels kind of strange, but I am sure it will all be fine. I am also excited to be travelling to the East Coast so I can break out some fly winter clothes  & boots ! LOL

Last night, we headed out to a (new spot) to hear one of my favorite saxophonist's Kyle Turner play along with a singer from the area, Andre James. They put on a phenomenal show that was well worth the nominal cover charge. Like any new place, there were some kink's in the service factor, but we went for the music, and we were not disappointed. One of my favorite Jazz spot's recently closed, the former Red Cat Jazz Cafe, and upon reflecting, I realized that I had not done enough to support it (at least recently), so why could I be upset ? I am really going to try to do better to support my local artists and venues, especially the ones that I know are truly talented. People my age group love to complain about the lack of "mature crowd" venues, but the question is, when they build it, do you come? In short, I am going to try to put my money where my mouth is more often than I have been.

I think I am up to speed for now.

Thoughts ?

Comments ?

Questions ?

What you got ? What's going on random with you ?

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