Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Believe the Children are Our Future.......

Hey Blogland,

I just wanted to share something with you. My little cousin is currently living as an expat in Lagos, Nigeria due to his fathers work. He is a student at the American International School of Lagos. He has been living abroad since 2007. Prior to Nigeria, they lived for 2 years in The Netherlands. I was blessed to go & visit them there. You may recall I blogged about it here. Any way, he is a really sharp young man and we are extremely proud of him.

He is the Founder and President of this group called Citizens of the World that is trying to bring awareness to environmental issues. This is such admirable goal. I think it's great that he is socially conscious. He has always been the most respectful, polite, considerate person from a very young age. I really want to support him in his endeavors.

Please click the link to watch the video. My cousin is the guy holding up "Leadership" and has one of the main speaking parts. Feel free to share this video on your FB(Like their page) Twitter, or wherever, to help them spread awareness.

Thanks in advance !

Citizens of the World 

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