Sunday, September 11, 2011

My September 11 Memory

It really doesn't seem like 10 years has passed. I am sure the families of those directly affected would say different though. We are all shaped by loss that we experience in some form or fashion. People lose loved ones or their lives change in an instant everyday.  It all matters. This national tragedy was different because it affected so many people at once. Ten years is a long time. So much in my life has changed since then & in those around me.

I was married at the time. My ex-husband who is a Federal Agent had just returned from 2 weeks in NYC working.  I had picked him up from the Airport the night before. We both took vacation days that day and were sleeping in. I remember that both of our cell phones were vibrating in tandem. We ignored the first few times. Finally, he picked up his phone  & said "your Mom called me". I looked at my phone to see that 3 family members had called me including my Mom. He went into the bathroom as I dialed my mom. When she answered she said, " Where is ex-husband? Is he still in NYC ?" I said, "No he's right here, I picked him up from the Airport last night."  She told me to turn on the TV immediately. I was sitting in the middle of the bed, looking at the TV, with my mom on the phone, when he came out of the bathroom. He was looking at his cell phone & said, " I need to call the office something is up".  He then saw that I had the TV on already & we were sitting there watching when we saw the 2nd plane hit the other Tower.  We just looked at each other stunned. I told my Mom that I had to get off the phone so I could get dressed.

We spent the next few hours at his office, they were trying to get in touch with his Team that was working in NYC but the phones were not going through & it was just chaotic. He was on the phone with other Agents all over the country. By lunchtime, they had confirmed that his Team was safe & we went home to spend the afternoon watching the news coverage on TV. I remember the fear when we determined that it was indeed a terrorist attack & just the anxiety and uncertainty that was everywhere.  I guess that is why it's called terrorism huh ? I hate that nervous feeling in your stomach & I can still remember how it feels when I think too hard about it.

I like to focus on the positive when I can find it. All the news coverage in preparation for commemorating the 10 th Anniversary of the Terror Attacks have have reminded me of how we came together as a country in the face of such tragedy and fear. In light of the political climate as of late, it is a lesson we need to learn again it seems. Below is a State Farm commercial directed by Spike Lee that I thought was very touching. Hope you enjoy it.

Do you have any 9/11 Reflections to share ?

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ?

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