Friday, September 23, 2011

Florida Trip-Part 1

It has taken me forever to upload our vacation pics, but finally it is done. I am going to recap the trip in two posts. Going back through the pics reminded me of what a relaxing time we had ! We stayed in a very nice Resort Condo with Mr. Mixologist's cousins from New York. I took lots of pics of the place inside and out but if you are interested we stayed at Sheraton Vistana Resort. The place looks exactly like the photos on their website. It was just like staying in a very nice Condo, we were poolside, with a nice patio & easy access to all the amenities. Inside we had plenty of space and everything was updated with granite and tile. We used the kitchen to cook, grilled outdoors and just had a lot of time to relax in between going to the parks & seeing the sights. Mr. Mixologist had to make Shrimp & Grits for his cousin because she doesn't get it that often living in NY & she made him promise to make it before we ever hit the state of Florida. LOL

Of course within 6 hours of arriving we were parked at  Corona Cigar Cigar Company. It was very laid back & we met a nice guy while hanging out there. It was a nice welcome to the city. LOL We also took a few day trips during the week we were in Orlando. One day we drove down to Cocoa Beach for a day. After spending some time on the beach, we stopped to have lunch at Squid Lips on the way back, of course we stopped at a Duque Cigar Lounge before heading back. It was a very relaxing day !

Me in heaven - surrounded by water !

My Beau in heaven - surrounded by Cigars ! LOL

We spent one very long day taking my Beau's little cousin to Walt Disney World and Disney's Hollywood Studios.  We let her parents have a day to themselves to do couple stuff. I had not been to Disney since I graduated from college, so I was really impressed with the parks & how much they have changed. We were doing "research" for when we take our nieces and nephews.  We actually had a lot of fun. We crammed so much into this 15 hour day & we were exhausted the next day but it was worth it.

Mr & his lil' cousin at Walt Disney World

At Hollywood Studios with Mickey

Orlando has to be the capital for Outlet Malls and we made our way to several, way too many to list here. I managed to get a couple of new hats a few clothing items and some souvenirs without busting the budget, but it wasn't easy.

Mr. Mixologist surprised me with a little date night. He took me to downtown Orlando to this wine bar that he saw on a TV show called The Wine Room on Park Avenue.  It was so cool. They have these machines that dispense the wine by pours. Either 2 oz., 4 oz. or 6 oz.  You buy a card and put whatever amount you want to spend on the card & then you go around and help yourself to whatever type of wine you want to try by swiping the card in the machines. This is a great concept for people who may not know what they like or what type of wine you are in the mood for. I loved it. If you are a wine lover and anywhere close to this city, you must go ! Naturally after enjoying our vino and a very nice cheese plate, we had to mosey our way to the closest cigar bar, Cigarz on the Ave. We were sporting our Fedora's and we shared a cigar & some laughs. It was a fun night.

Giving my sugar away ! LOL

Heading down to the wine cellar

My Beau has some family and friends that live in Florida too,  so we hit the road and made some visits. We went to see his friend from New York & her husband at their home and it was my first time having authentic Puerto Rican food. I wish I could remember what they called what we ate, but no worries it was yummy ! I also got a chance to meet his Uncle I have heard so much about. We spent several hours at their house and we played with his new little cousins that he had never even met.  His uncle made sure to let me know he had heard ALL ABOUT ME which made me smile. LOL.

Baby Sarai - love that name ! 

Mr. teasing one of the twins ! LOL

We came home after a long day of visiting, fixed some "adult beverages" and we all headed out to the jacuzzi and the pool for a little bit. It was coming to the end of the week, and I was already dreading having to leave paradise :(

Relaxing under the waterfall
My next post will be about our day trip to "Aficionado Paradise" & the trip home.

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ?

Beautifully Complex 


Don said...

Your trip sounds very nice and fun and eventful, much nicer than trips I've taken, as of late. And you couldn't have determined a better location than Florida. Such a beautifully weathered and relaxing state.

I once lived in Orlando and I attest to it's comforting feel, although I was in my early teens so I've never heard nor been any of the places you named.

One day I look to eat some Puerto Rican food. Sounds like it was so good that you forgot its name. Lol.

Enjoyed the post.

Beautifully Complex said...

@ Don
I definitely want to go back. I haven't been to Miami in several years, so we talked about going there next time.