Monday, August 2, 2010

Me, Myself, and I

My name is Beautifully Complex. I was given this moniker several years ago by a guy that I dated. I really liked the sound of it when he explained what it meant to him, I thought it fit me perfectly. Unfortunately I had to get rid of him, but kept the nickname ! LOL

I am on FB & Twitter & just realized that if you google my government name, you can find my Twitter page which could lead you to this blog. I am still not sure I like that. It's not that the blog is anonymous cause I have photos, etc. But am just not sure that I want it that way, since things get a bit more personal over here. But I do know for a fact that you never know who is reading because I had this blog well before I was on FB or Twitter and a girl I went to High School with found it via another blog and sent me an email after she saw a picture of my sister & figured out this was my blog. Either way, lately I haven't had much time for either of them & really want to focus on writing which is why I wanted to challenge myself for the 30 days & focus on the blog.

I am 41 years old. A true Cancer which means I am loving, emotional, sensitive, nurturing and intuitive. Unfortunately it also means I can be TOO emotional, sensitive and clingy. It's amazing to me how accurate horoscopes can be sometime. LOL

I was born and raised in a midsized Midwestern City about 8 hours from Houston. I have lived in TX for 13 years. I moved here with my ex-husband. I have been divorced for 4 years and am so glad I decided to stay because I love it here. Despite the Hurricane scares during the summer, the weather is great, even though its hot. I would rather live in a warm climate vs. cold.

I USED to be a decent runner, and now I am trying to get somewhere close to where I was. I have completed 4 Half Marathons and several other smaller races in recent years & I do always run the Turkey Trot at least, but it has been a while since I ran a road race and I am starting to regret it. I really don't feel as good as I used to feel when I stayed on top of it & the middle age spread is in full effect! LOL Since it is so hot in Houston in the summer, my boyfriend recently got me a very nice treadmill and dammit I intend to use it & get back on the block.

I love the written word , live music with real instruments and true vocal talent ( I can be a bit of a music snob !). I love wine and wine bars, and am learning more about it everyday. I enjoy good food and of course travelling, be it a plane ride, road trip, or whatever.

I have a job that is pretty secure & sometimes interesting. I like it most days, but on others I feel like it is robbing me of my creativity. I wish I had been encouraged as a child to be more creative than practical. In my dreams I would be a songwriter/producer. I have written some poetry but sadly, I don't trust the Internet enough to share it for the fear that it could be stolen and I don't know enough about how to protect myself from that, so I don't.

That's about all I can think of to give you bit of background on me. Other than to say, my name is Beautifully Complex and I am addicted to blogs !

Comments ?

Thoughts ?

Questions ?

Beautifully Complex


MrsTDJ said...

Nice to "meet" you! I'm a true Cancer woman too and yes, the descriptors you use for use are completely accurate.

Good luck living your dream of being a songwriter! I hope that you find and embrace an opportunity to put yourself out there.

Beautifully Complex said...

@MrsTDJ Thanks for dropping by ! Nice to "meet" a fellow Cancerian woman :) I am finding the confidence to move towards my dreams.