Friday, October 11, 2013

Wedding Week Randoms !

Well I am in the single digits baby !  I am literally a week away from the big day. I have a little nervous excitement and am just anxious for the day to get here. My mind is all over the place, here are some randoms.....

  • My sister is flying to Houston this weekend so she can ride to New Orleans with us. She has been the biggest help in this planning process. I am so excited about spending some alone adult time with here. It has been a long time since we have done that.

  • I go pick up my wedding dress today at lunch time.  Insert huge smile :)

  • I have promised him that our wedding will start on time. He is a stickler for time & I on the other hand am not. LOL But I do know that even if those other chicks are not ready, I will be & I will be on time ! Believe that.

  • I really love the website, The Knot. It is an awesome resource. It has helped me with so much of my planning. I must admit that I did get wedding fever that I did not expect. I got pulled in, I don't really regret it just want to acknowledge it. LOL I see how weddings have become such big business.

  • I can also admit a little wedding planning fatigue these last couple of weeks. I am ready to get it done. I do want the day to be special & I hope that everything we have planned is enjoyable and meaningful to our guests who are traveling so far.But I am so ready to be finished & married and honeymooning.

  • Speaking of honeymoon. We are going to Destin, Florida. They have some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. (If you are curious, Google some images). We discovered it on a whim on our trip to Florida 2 years ago & decided to head over there for a few days after we leave New Orleans.

  • My former Pastor is flying to New Orleans to marry us.  I adore he and his wonderful wife and so appreciate all they have done for me. This is the Pastor under whom I grew the most spiritually. I met them over 15 years ago when I first moved to Texas. They sent us a marriage workbook that he wrote & uses to counsel couples. We had to read and answer questions.  They even coordinated our pre-marital counseling meetings around his busy schedule and we met in Houston a couple of times for sessions with them both. 

  • We just  found out  this week that one of my loves Uncles and one of my Aunts are not going to make it to the wedding due to some health issues that have arisen. This is AFTER flights have been booked & rooms are paid for. We are so very disappointed, worried and concerned all rolled into one.  Our families are worried too because all of their siblings respectively are going to be in New Orleans this coming week, while they are having procedures and recovering, so it is very tenuous, scary & stressful. I am trying to just pray & not worry. Please pray for my family & for traveling grace.

  • I just decided last week that I am taking an extra week of vacation,so this has been hell week trying to get my desk prepared for someone else to take over. But I have promised myself to let it go after today & not worry. Whatever is undone will be handled. Period. Boy am I looking forward to this huge break from work.

What is going on random with you ?

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ?

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