Wednesday, December 12, 2012

All I Want for Christmas is...........

It's Christmas in Blogland yet again and I cannot believe how fast this year has gone.  I love simple things and am not hard to please, but here are a few ideas of what Santa can bring me for I have been a very good girl this year !

I love music and definitely enjoy new Christmas music to add to my collection. Kem has a new CD out called, "What Christmas Means" that I would definitely like to put into the holiday rotation this year.

I love scented lotions, body scrubs and lip gloss. Anything on the fruity spectrum is fine by me.

Another thing that I would love to have but have not been able to find is one of those "purse table hook, hanger thingamajigs" LOL.  You know when you go out  to a lot of bars & restaurants and really don't want to put you bag on the floor.    See like this....

My government initial is " J"

I also love costume jewelry and am in need of some silver bracelets. Of course everyone already knows I am a Wineaux but probably have ALL the paraphernalia you could possibly think of already LOL

Hope this list is helpful Santa !

And now for a musical selection.......I saw this video making the rounds on FB & thought it was really cute!

Happy Holidays !

Beautifully Complex 

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Nae said...

I decided to opt out of almost all gift exchanges this year due to the wedding. I'm enjoying reading everyone's wishlist and as usual you & I have the same tastes ;-) Hope you get what you want!