Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wedding Planning Fun

I have a couple of friends who are getting married next year as well and we all went to a Bridal Extravaganza at Hotel ZaZa a couple of weeks ago and it was reallllly nice ! I love this hotel and though I have never stayed here, I have been to several parties here, Happy Hours & the Sunday Brunch. It is quite a swanky little spot and we spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon there.

They had a lot of vendors and though I am only looking for a few that can help me here since I am having a destination wedding, it was totally worth my time.They had Butlers walking around passing out Hors d'ouevres and unlimited flutes of Champagne kept finding there way to us, now that's my kind of party !

They had tables set up like actual weddings

Models walking around in wedding dresses...

They have these "concept suites" on the top floor and they had one of them opened up and they were actually giving free chair massages there. I made a new friend named " Brandon" and I will be looking for him at their Spa the next time I am in the area, LOL.

This cocktail was called "The Flirt " and was quite tasty...

More reception decorating ideas

Me and my fellow future bride-to-be

After the event was over, me and my friends sat on the Patio for a while. We watched in horror as the workers began to tear down the tables they had set up for the event and toss thousands and thousands of fresh flower arrangements into garbage bags ! I know this is typically what happens after a wedding but it was just crazy to see it. We went into one of the ballrooms and asked if we could take some home & they gladly let us do so as they continued to toss the flowers in the trash !  I had some beautiful fresh flowers for about a week at home.

Pretty Tulips


 More free flowers...

It was a cool event & lots of fun.

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ?

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Kurlylicious said...

Hotel ZaZa is awesome! It's one of our favorite places to stay when we're there visiting.

John david said...

Ya, it's a nice place enjoy to celebrate a wedding planning parties.