Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday

Life is challenging, life is unpredictable and life is short. But life is also rewarding, there is redemption and there can be joy in the time we have.

I love the Internet. Despite the many negative aspects of it, there are so many opportunities to connect with others, share and learn so much or just be reminded of what you already know. I stumbled across this site over the weekend called Makes Me Think. It's one of those sites you can spend too much time on just browsing and reflecting.  The posts and the comments just remind me that the human experience is so similar and can be remarkable on any given day.

Here are few of my favorites:

Today, I was putting quarters into a parking meter for my parking spot downtown when a homeless man asked me if I could spare some change. I actually had a lot of coins in my purse, so I handed him about five dollars in change. The meeting I attended downtown ran about two hours longer than I had expected it to, and about an hour longer than I had paid for on the parking meter. But when I got to my car, the homeless man I had given change to earlier was putting a quarter into my parking meter. When he saw me, he said, “Oh good, you’re back. A little while ago the meter maid was ticketing cars with expired meters, so I’ve been slowly putting some change into your meter to keep you out of trouble.” MMT

Proof that social media is really taking over LOL

Today, I was hungry when I boarded my flight home from San Diego to Chicago. I was craving a Sullivans Steakhouse filet (Sullivans is my favorite restaurant), so I sarcastically tweeted, “Hey @SullivansSteak – Can you meet me at the O’Hare airport with a 10 oz filet when I land at 8PM? Great, thanks! :)” It was just a joke, so I didn’t expect anything to come of it. But when I walked past the security exit toward baggage claim there was a man wearing a Sullivans polo and holding a sign with my name on it. When I introduced myself, he said, “Our CEO just happened to see your tweet this evening and had us prepare this for you. It’s on the house. Welcome home.” MMT

Sowing a seed

Today, almost 5 years after I stopped volunteering at the suicide prevention hotline, the new manager gave me a call. She said this afternoon they received a $25,000 anonymous donation to help fund the support line. Along with the donation they received an email that read, “Thank you Claire. You saved my life.” Apparently, I’m the only Claire who ever volunteered there. MMT


Today, an elderly man named Dave, who was a regular customer at our pub for the last fifteen years or so, passed away. Among other things, he was known by the pub staff to be a poor tipper – oftentimes he left no tip at all, or would forgetfully leave without paying his tab. This evening we got a call from his attorney. In his will, Dave requested that the remaining $500,000 from his estate be equally divided up for all 10 active employees of the pub. MMT

What truly matters.....

Today, one of my close friends from high school – a hometown success story and entrepreneur who owns and operates two publicly traded companies – a man I respect and look up to – came over to my house for dinner. After my wife and kids left the table, he and I chatted for a couple hours. Toward the end of the evening he said, “I admire you. I admire the love in this house. I admire the family you put together. I never got around to that. And it was great to see it, feel it, and be a part of it tonight. Thank you.” MMT

This one brought tears to my eyes...

Today, 5 years after my mom lost her battle with cancer, my dad started dating again. He was worried about how I would feel about it, but I fully support him. This evening, after his date, I heard him talking in his bedroom. I thought perhaps his date came back with him. But when I listened closely, I heard him talking to my mom, telling her how hard it is and how much he misses her. And promising that no matter what, she will always be the love of his life. MMT

Reading this type of stuff helps me to remain hopeful and encouraged. If I didn't have a foundation of faith in my life, I don't know how I could get up and face life each and every day.

Check it out & let me know what you think about the site in the comments.

Enjoy !

Beautifully Complex 


ichoosethesun said...

Love this! It's the anti-FML :-) Thanks for sharing.

Ondrea said...

All of these are "feel good" stories. They made me smile.

Jacquie said...

Maaaaaan, that brought me to tears! It's so easy to get caught up in the FML mentality that hearing those "silver lining" stories makes it seem almost an exception to the rule. Must be turned around.

Thanks for sharing, BC!

Beautifully Complex said...

I love discovering new websites.

So glad I could make you smile :)

yes we need to focus on what is good in this crazy world !