Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

It has been a minute since I stepped in here to blog. I have been floating around the blogsphere, just not motivated enough to write much. I am so appreciative of all the kind words that were shared after my last post. I really appreciated it. Also, I am grateful for a few who emailed me to check on me. Your sincere concern is appreciated. We still don't have a lot of new information on the job situation, so I am just standing still and staying prayerful. I am standing in the middle of His will.

Enjoying good music and good times !

I had a lovely weekend starting on Friday night, me and my Beau and some friends went to Miller Outdoor Theatre in the Museum District to watch a performance called the Motown Review. This is an annual event for four nights usually during this same time each year. A lot of talented local artists and musicians perform a wide range of music from 60's, 70's and 80's. It is an awesome show and family friendly. You can bring your own picnic, coolers, blankets, chairs and relax on the hill & watch the show. The best part
is that it is  Free.99 ! LOL

Mr.Mixologist mixing his famous libations !

We enjoyed ourselves that night, and were so thrilled by how inexpensive the whole evening was since the concert didn't cost us anything & we brought our own food and drinks.  After all that bragging,we get to the car & discover a parking ticket that we got along with about 20 other cars ! We were parked along a curb that is evidently for bus loading/unloading. We were pissed ! My problem with this ticket is that the show does not start until 8:15 pm. I am SURE that  no buses were coming into the area during that time, but sure enough there was a sign posted. We just parked behind a long row of vehicles in the same area thinking it was after hours, so they surely would not be writing tickets. I guess the good luck is that we weren't towed.

Charlene had to get on her feet for the Michael Jackson Medley !

Everybody enjoyed themselves 

While fuming about the ticket & loading up the vehicles with all our things, my beloved Mr.Mixologist dropped the keys in the trunk of the car and closed it without realizing it !!!! So then we had to call AAA to get us back into the vehicle....oh what a night ! But it was fun all and all, we just had to laugh about it all once we made it home LOL

Saturday, we went to what is probably our last Crawfish boil of the season since it is almost June. They were pretty good too. We probably have about 3 more weeks before they start getting too small to fool with, but I managed to get my fill on Saturday night.
Luv those mudbugs !

Mr Mixologist does not each Crawfish, so luckily they had some other things to eat. But really as long as he has someplace to smoke his Cigars, talk about Cigars, share his knowledge of Cigars, he is a happy camper. He is easy to please, so very laid back.
Mr. Mixologist dropping some Cigar Knowledge LOL

The night would not have been complete without a dance contest and a Karaoke contest. My friend Kim's family never lacks entertainment and once the challenge is thrown out, my friend Charlene cannot back down! She truly believes she can out dance anybody LOL I promise you that on Sunday morning, I had no voice from laughing so hard at all that went on. You can see one of my other friends below  in the doorway wiping tears from her eyes from laughing so hard.  Fun times indeed !

Old School Dance Off !

On Sunday, I helped my best friend host her daughter's Birthday Party and I will blog about that tomorrow. Monday, I did absolutely nothing but get some much needed rest. I felt a little guilty for about 5 minutes LOL. All we did was watch movies and relax. We even bought barbecue from Harris County Smokehouse instead of firing up the grill and it was on point ! I enjoyed a wonderful weekend and hope you did too.

How was your holiday ?

Did you do anything special?

What did you eat this weekend ?

Beautifully Complex 


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