Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No Worries

"......Just because you had yourself a couple bad days, don't mean its gonna be this way always !"

I am so feeling this song. I have had a few down days recently, but this always seems to lift my spirits. Evidently this guy was in a group back in the 90's called "Men at Large" I actually remember the group but can't recall what song they sang. I read a couple of reviews of his new album online and I think I am going to check it out. He has some heavy hitting gospel producers so it might be worth it.

I am coming to realize that sometimes I just need to take my moments and push through it by myself. I do my best to keep to myself when I am feeling blue, cause then I don't have to try & explain to friends how I am feeling. I am a hopeful and faithful person and I know how & what He has brought me through, yet sometimes, the negativity creeps in. The ghosts of past hurts and disappointment. I don't want to stay in that place too long, so somehow, some way, I have to find the will in myself to pull myself up and out of the blues. No one can do it for me. When I begin to count my blessings I realize I can't total it all up. Yesterday my cousin called me. We don't talk on a daily basis usually once or twice a month . This was her 3rd time calling me in the last 5 days. I suddenly realized that I had been distracted in our last few conversations. Something made me really listen to what she was saying. She finally relayed the situation, which is not uncommon these days. She works in real estate....not enough closings in the last few months...she and her husband are behind on their mortgage....she is trying to get some assistance with the mortgage company... but she is in a bind....she didn't want to ask... I was the only person she felt could help. She felt embarrassed and ashamed to come to me...but was at the end of her rope. I heard the fear, the worry in her voice. It gave me perspective, on my life. Suddenly I could see my way out of the blues. I may not be where I think I should be, but I am exactly where He needs me to be. I am blessed to be able to help her and told her that I would go to the bank today and I did, with joy and peace in my heart. I have a good life. I have my health. I have my family. I have true friends. I am loved... and I am thankful.

How do you handle the blues ? Do you believe helping others helps your self ? What music or favorite song lifts your spirits ?


Babs said...

Use me up- Men at Large

When I'm blue I listen to house music. It always lifts me up.

Tiffany In Houston said...

Itend to have to talk it out. I've been doing a whole lot of praying and talking with God during this job search. My friends have been checking on me and I really appreciate it. You just don't realize how disconnected you are when you aren't working. It's like you aren't plugged in anymore. But this time has lead me to speak out loud to God, to praise him in spite of, to simply talk it out. And the my theme song as of lately has been Tye Tribett's "Victory".

Beautifully Complex said...

@ TIH I know it's hard even though I am not in your shoes, I have felt disconnected at times. You are on the right track. As they say, its easy to praise Him when everything is going your way but can you praise Him in a storm ? Be encouraged.