Friday, February 14, 2014

The Love Post

Hey Blog Peeps !

Hope your 2014 is going well. I have been great, just too busy to blog.  Just landed a new position (same company) but I am getting a new manager and that I am very happy about :)  I start in about 30 days.

I read a really funny post about Valentine's Day from my girl A Belle in Brooklyn, I thought it was pretty on point. You can read it here.

I wish we could move beyond the focus of romantic love ONLY on this day. In the true spirit of Valentine's Day.   Here are some things that I love.....

.THINGS I LOVE…. family…all my nieces, nephews and cousins, aunt’s, uncles, of course my parents & sisters, you mean so much to me. Along with the huge new family I have married into, it is a blessing that is immeasurable. closest friends who support me, encourage me,  listen to me, keep my secrets, share with me & challenge me, even the ones I don’t see or talk to everyday. Just knowing that those bonds are there is comforting.

...the internet, I love to read & write. I have always been an information junkie and the world wide web just makes it so much easier. It could be a recipe for something I want to cook with the kids, an archived article from Ebony magazine from 1962, or a music review, all at my fingertips ! This digital age  & the access we have in 2014 constantly amazes me. networking, i enjoy sharing photos, blogging, sharing ideas, thoughts & concepts with people near & far. Keeping up with my friends and family on twitter, instagram, yelp & of course facebook.

...a nice, intense foot massage (thanks babe). Man I am in heaven !  I just love being rubbed on period, but there is something about the nerve endings in your feet ! LOL makes me high…enough said.

….New Orleans…. the food, the culture, the people, the music, the architecture, the weather,  I have so many beautiful memories from my favorite city. vino.. I love so many different types: Malbec, Shiraz, Syrah, Prosecco, Riesling, Chardonnay and still learning…. just call me a wineaux, LOL

… husband Michael… who has taught me what true, unconditional love is & the laughter he brings to my life each & every day.

….God’s grace and His perfect will…. I have a testimony…I am His child….. the things He has done, only He could do ! Praise Him.  

MY PERFECT DAY…...relaxing outside on a patio,  my bare feet in my husbands lap, he is smoking a cigar, I am sippin’ on some vino, listening to the sounds of my girl Lalah Hathaway, my friends, family or both are in the midst and we are telling stories, sharing opinions,  laughing,  reminiscing and making new memories !


Beautifully Complex  

Thoughts ? Comments ? Questions ? 

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