Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tagged You're It !

Remember when we used to play Tag as children ? This little Tag is going round and round the Bloggerverse so I thought I would chime in. The rules are:  list 7 Random Things about Yourself and answer some questions. I think Tags are  fun & might spark some conversations or at least a Blog Post, so enjoy !

7   Random Things about Me
  1. I cannot sleep with the TV on, if I do, I incorporate dialogue from what is on TV into my dreams and the results are often very crazy ! This is usually the only time that I dream & I usually wake up feeling like I haven't slept at all. Somehow music does not have the same effect on me though. 
  2. I did not ride on a plane until was 23 years old. Up until that point, I had only travelled to the the 3 states that immediately bordered the state that I was born in.
  3. Since then I have managed to travel to 40 US States, Canada, Jamaica, The Netherlands & Belgium. The 10 states I have not been to are: Vermont, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Kentucky, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, West Virginia and New Hampshire.     
  4. I never wear colored polish on my nails or my toes. I do get French Pedicures on my feet regularly but I only use clear coat on my nails. This has been for the last 10 years for sure. I don't really know why because I used to wear colored nail polish all the time. 
  5. Do you remember Hair-Rep ? It used to be in a small black tin can with a red top that you used to have to remove with a butter knife. When I was about 7 yrs old, one of my older male cousins threw one at me because I was standing in front of my grandmother's console TV trying to get his attention. I didn't think he was going to throw the can AND he thought I was going to move. The result was 8 stitches in my forehead. I still have the scar if you look closely.  My cousin wished he had hit the TV instead of me when my Grandmother got through with him !
  6. I am a true Cancer. Meaning that I fit about 90% of the female personality traits you find when you look it up on the Zodiac charts. It is amazing how accurate some of that stuff can be.
  7. I eat sugar on my Grits. Let me explain. I grew up in the Midwest. We ate Grits, like we ate Cream of Wheat & Oatmeal which meant lots of sugar & butter in it. My Beau whose roots are in South Carolina thinks this is blasphemy ! LOL In fact, I was instructed to not let any of his family see me do this when he took me home to visit ! LOL

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Song: Being the music connoisseur that I am, this is impossible for me but I am currently feeling this new found song " Yes" by Euge Groove featuring Dax Reynosa !

Favorite Dessert : Key Lime Pie or Cheesecake

Biggest Pet Peeve:  People who drive slow in the left lane & then speed up when you attempt to pass them......Control freaks !LOL

When you are upset, you: I shed tears. I cannot control it, if I am really agitated, angry, hurt, sad, afraid, frustrated no matter the reaction is tears.

Your favorite pet: I have none & I am actually very afraid of dogs due to a childhood trauma.

Black or White: Black. My first two new cars off the showroom floor were black & black makes me look thin !

Biggest Fear: Leaving this world feeling unfulfilled. Being forgotten.

Best Feature: My eyes & my lips

Everyday Attitude: Live your life as if He is watching.....because He is !

What is perfection: Having a peaceful home that you always want to come to.

Guilty Pleasures: Current Obsession Blue Bell Banana Pudding Ice Cream. It's like Crack! LOL

Consider yourself Tagged if If you have a blog & haven't done this yet ! Or if you are a commenter or just a lurker you have my permission to go for it in my comments.

Beautifully Complex


Tarsha R said...

My cousins eat sugar on their grits....that is southern blasphemy!!!!! LOL

That is awesome you have travelled to so many of the states, I plan for Babe and I to do the same!

Beautifully Complex said...

@ Tarsha
I knew there were others ! LOL

Traveling will change Babe's whole perspective. I think it opens up children to the opportunities in the world when their minds are still forming.

sayitlikethis said...

I eat sugar on my grits. I'm from Chicago. I also eat sugar on plain rice if there's no gravy involved. If there is cheese in the grits, I won't put sugar on them. Otherwise, sweeten me up!

You must get to Philly. That city is AWESOME! I loved it. I could totally see myself living there. Great history and culture and FOOD!

Anonymous said...

ARGH @ your grit preference! *lol* That is where we part ways, my dear cancer sister! I eat my grits with butter only, or with any combination of butter, cheddar cheese, bacon or scrambled eggs!

I'm also a very classic, textbook cancer chic.

I've been to all the states that you haven't, but you've got me way beat on the central and western part of the US. I love traveling!!

Beautifully Complex said...

I eat sugar on my rice too ! See its simple. If you are eating rice or grits for Breakfast then they need to be sweet. But if you are eating them as a side dish for lunch or dinner with some meat, then add gravy,cheese, etc. LOL

Beautifully Complex said...

I am really ready to do more international traveling now.