Monday, February 21, 2011

Musical Monday-Mary Mary

I am a huge Mary Mary fan. Sadly, they are getting some flak from some fans because their "gospel" music is becoming too contemporary, or too worldly for some people. I think everyone is entitled to how they feel. I personally focus on how music makes me "feel" and I can say that a lot of their music is very inspirational and has brought me through some rough times, just by keeping me encouraged and uplifted.  They have a new single "Walking" which is really catchy and I still think these ladies have some really strong vocals that complement each other well.  I didn't necessarily like their last single "God in Me" that much. It was just a little cheesy to ME, but the Album that that song came from  "The Sound" was their best selling to date, so I am going to guess they think they are on the right track. I am of the opinion that if the message is positive, then the beat or the use of Auto Tune, rapping or any of the latest musical technology tricks shouldn't matter if you are reaching more people. But I respect those that disagree. When I reflect on their past music, songs like "Shackles", "In the Morning", "Heaven",  "Yesterday" and "Believer", I feel like these ladies are pretty consistent with their message and were always pretty contemporary to begin with. Sometimes the message isn't always obvious, but if you listen to the lyrics and can make simple analogies, it's not complicated.

Here is the latest video/song "Walking"  from these lovely sisters.  Let me know what you think. Are they too mainstream ? Should gospel fans be offended ? Do you think they are taking their gospel/inspirational license too far ?

Mary Mary - Walking (Official Music Video). Watch more top selected videos about: Mary Mary

Thoughts ?  Comments? Questions ?

Beautifully Complex 


Anonymous said...

I'm definitely not a fan of most religious/gospel/Christian/whatever music, but I love Mary Mary. All the songs I've heard make me feel cheerful. I like that.

Beautifully Complex said...

Agreed. There are people who don't like traditional music, so to me if you can appeal to or reach the masses, I think thats a win.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy all types of gospel music, from the most traditional like Albertina Walker and Dorothy Norwood to more contemporaries like Smokie Norful and Kirk Franklin. I love the music and message that Mary Mary are getting out! The one thing that kind of bugs me a little is hearing people say that it's playing in nightclubs. Hmmmm. Folks grinding and getting frisky to gospel? Not exactly sure that I agree with that, but if it works for some - eh. *shrugs*

Beautifully Complex said...

Uhm....yeah.....I don't think I could get my grind on to any type of Gospel no matter how good the beat is ! LOL

K. Rock said...

I am not that picky but I like positive messages. I think there is a wide enough range of artists out there to appeal to everyone. All artists done have to have the same sound.

Beautifully Complex said...

Thanks for stopping by & commenting !

One thing I can appreciate is diversity in music. I don't like for anything to be the same all the time. I like varied tastes.